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The Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF ED VR is the first F-mount lens to be equipped with a phase Fresnel element. It offers the ultimate balance of compact build, telephoto reach, and high image quality. Ideal for sports and wildlife photography as well as travel shots and tight, detail-oriented portraiture, this lens is the smart choice when you want to fill the frame but not your bag.

The combination of f/4 maximum aperture, 300mm focal length and impressive VR technology enables superb results in diverse conditions. The phase Fresnel lens element significantly reduces size and weight, and a fluorine coating repels water, dust and dirt for enhanced durability.

Phase Fresnel element
This telephoto lens delivers great optical performance and boasts a remarkably compact build. Use of a phase Fresnel (PF) lens element noticeably reduces the weight, without degrading image quality.

Vibration Reduction (VR)
VR minimises the effects of camera shake and lets you shoot at shutter speeds up to 4.5 stops slower.¹ SPORT VR mode delivers a stable viewfinder image when shooting high-speed movement, and allows a continuous shooting frame rate with reduced release time lag, similar to those that are possible when VR is turned off.

Advanced optical performance
Nano Crystal Coat effectively reduces ghost and flare, increasing the clarity and contrast of images. An ED (extra-low dispersion) glass element minimises chromatic aberration.

Electromagnetic diaphragm
Enables consistent, more precise exposures, especially when shooting at high frame rates.

Fluorine coating
Actively repels water, dust, and dirt without compromising image quality. The coating enhances durability and makes it easier to clean the glass without damaging the surface.


Dimensions for Lenses 89 x 147.5mm
Weight (g) 755g
Type Telephoto, Fixed Focal Length
Lens Fitting Nikon F (FX)
Filter - Size 77mm