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We accept and trade-in hundreds of Cameras, Lenses & Accessories weekly, so not to worry as your equipment is in experienced hands.

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Simply fill out the form below and we'll provide you with a no-obligation quote instantly as well as to your email!


If you've asked for a collection we will email you to organise a free collection from your home or work and once your equipment arrives, it will be inspected by our team of experts.


A member of our team will contact you to confirm the valuation and finalise payment. If you are trading in for cash, this will be paid directly into your bank account! Alternatively, if you are part exchanging, your brand-new equipment will then be sent out for you to enjoy.

Condition Criteria for Cameras & Lenses

Indistinguishable from new

No dust, visible wear, or scratches

No additional markings

Very slight signs of use

Minor marks, minor scratches with light dust visible

Grips and rubber areas not marked or damaged

No additional markings

Obvious signs of use

Dust/scratches/other cosmetic damage

Screen scratched/showing wear

Rubber grips marked but secure

Lens mount showing light wear

Applies to all

Full working order with no damage. No fungus & Odour free. Smooth zoom/focus movement (Lenses only).


How do I complete my trade in with Jessops

1. Fill out the trade in form and receive an instant quote for your equipment

2. Select if you would like to drop off your equipment in a Jessops store, or you can select a day for us to collect your item from you.

If you choose to take your equipment into store, our store team will send your equipment to our inspection team. Alternatively, if you would like your equipment collected, we will email you to confirm all the collection details.

What can I trade in?

We accept most DSLRs, Mirrorless cameras, lenses, as well as GFX and FX equipment along with selected compact and bridge cameras. Original branded battery grips and flashes are also accepted and we're now accepting selected action cameras and tripods!

Unfortunately, we currently don’t accept bags, film cameras and film lenses, Sony A mount equipment, drones or camcorders but we always look to update our range on a regular basis.  For updates on our range please consider subscribing to our newsletter.


Is the quote for my item guaranteed?

All quotes display a maximum value as all items that are submitted for trade-in are subject to inspection. Once submitted, a member of our inspection team will then evaluate and test your item against our criteria and perform some simple tests. The inspection process combined with the number of accessories you have with your camera will determine the final value of your item, please ensure that all accessories that are included are noted when filling in the trade in form as this will give you a better understanding of the value you can expect to receive.

The final trade-in value will be confirmed with you before we continue any further.

How long is my quote valid for?

All trade-in quotes are valid for 14 days from submission.

What is the product condition criteria?

We have three conditions; Mint, excellent and good. A full description of each criteria can be found below.

Mint Condition

Mint Camera

  • Almost indistinguishable from new
  • No visible marks, wear or scratches
  • No dust
  • Full working order
  • Grips and rubber areas intact and fully sealed
  • Free of additional markings
  • Odour free (e.g. cigarette smoke)

Mint Lens

  • Almost indistinguishable from new
  • No visible marks, wear or scratches
  • No dust or fungus within the lens elements
  • Grips and rubber areas intact and fully seale
  • Full working order and smooth movement
  • Free of additional markings
  • Odour free (e.g. cigarette smoke)

Mint Drone

  • Full working order
  • No / very few light cosmetic marks
  • No sand or debris inside drone
  • No water damage
  • No third-party personalisation or modifications
  • Odour free (e.g. cigarette smoke)
  • Sold with a 6 month guarantee

Excellent Condition

Excellent Camera

  • Only light signs of use
  • Some minor marks or scratches
  • No / few minor marks on screen
  • Grips and rubber areas undamaged and not expanded
  • Undamaged lens mount
  • Full working order
  • Odour free (e.g. cigarette smoke)
  • Free of additional markings

Excellent Lens

  • Only light signs of use
  • Some minor marks or scratches on barrel
  • Little / no dust visible within the lens elements
  • Grips and rubber areas with no / few minor marks and not expanded or peeling from the body
  • No fungus
  • Pristine glass elements
  • Full working order
  • Free of additional markings and odour
  • Odour free (e.g. cigarette smoke)

Excellent Drone

  • Full working order
  • No deep impact damage or deep scratches
  • No sand or debris inside drone
  • No water damage
  • Odour free (e.g. cigarette smoke)
  • No third-party personalisation or modifications

Good Condition

Good Camera

  • More obvious signs of use
  • Dust, scratches or other cosmetic damage
  • Grips and rubber areas shows signs of use but are not expanded or peeling from the body
  • Screen scratched/ showing wear
  • Lens mount showing light wear
  • Full working order
  • Odour free (e.g. cigarette smoke)

Good Lens

  • Marks or scratches on barrel
  • Minor marks / scratches on lens faces but not impacting on an image
  • Dust visible within the lens elements but not impacting on an image
  • Rubber grips marked but secure and not expanded
  • Full working order and smooth movement
  • Odour free (e.g. cigarette smoke)

Can I go straight to store to trade-in?

Yes of course! An instant valuation is available in all our stores. You can walk into a store without an appointment, and they can value your items for you and complete your new purchase. Please note our stores will not be able to trade in for cash at this time but they can send your equipment away to our inspection team who can evaluate your equipment for you and get in touch with you via email to complete your transaction.

See for your local store.

What do I need to take with me?

Please take your trade-in items – including a fully charged battery (if applicable), all original accessories, chargers and packaging (if you have it), a copy of the trade in quote that would have been emailed (or the reference number starting JQ) and the store team will do the rest.

What if my item is rejected after inspection?

If your item isn’t in an accepted condition, we will return this to you, anywhere within the UK, free of charge.

How much is a collection?

Collections are free from anywhere within the UK

I have an item that’s not listed, what should I do?

If you have a lens, DSLR, mirrorless, compact or bridge camera that’s not on our list then the chances are we don’t accept it. However, if you believe that it is an item that should be accepted, then please email [email protected] with the subject line “do you accept (your item) for trade-in” and we can get back to you and confirm. 

Please note we don’t accept bags, drones, film cameras or camcorders.

Will you price match?

We always aim to have the most competitive trade in prices, however on occasion we recognize that a competitor may offer a higher price.  If you can provide us with a copy of the quote, we can look into this for you and match (and maybe beat!) the price quoted to you.

How do trade in bonuses work?

From time to time we offer promotional trade-in bonuses, these bonuses will be applied to the value of your items after they’ve been evaluated.

Do I get less if I trade-in for cash?

Absolutely not, we offer the same price for your item for part exchange or for cash.  However, there are times when a promotional trade-in bonus scheme will only be applicable when trading in to purchase a certain item.

How long does it take to be paid?

When part exchanging the value will be discounted from the new items instantly.

When trading in for cash, once the final value has been agreed and the account details required have been provided the funds should be in your account within a maximum of 5 working days.

Please note that we cannot add the value of the trade-in to in-store credit or gift cards

Any other questions?

Our expert store staff will be able to answer any further questions you have, or you can email your question to [email protected]



Look out for this logo in store for more information and special offers on our Trade-In service.


*Prices correct as of 15/7/2024 when comparing MPB, WEX, Park cameras & CEX against the Sony a7 III, Sony a6000, Canon 5D IV, Nikon D5600, Nikon D850, Fujiflm X100V, Canon EOS 70D, Canon EOS 2000D, Fujifilm X-S10, Canon PowerShot G7 X II, Nikon Z8 and the Sony a1

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