Restore & Revive 

We all have a treasured memory recorded on an old home video, or a snap shot of that special occasion on a photo or in a slide format, but did you know that those movies and images are degrading and slowly fading away?

The fantastic Jessops Restore & Revive service is here to help you with all of your digitisation and analogue transfer requirements.

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Service available IN STORE. Please see below for details on service and price

More About Revive & Restore

Utilising the latest scanning technology and equipment we can change your photos, slides and negatives to digital images for you to share and use on our fantastic photo products. Even if your photo is damaged our restoration wizards can digitally restore your image back to its former glory and even turn those old black and white photos to colour!

We can also transfer your video tapes to DVD, convert your old cine films to the modern day and even turn your old music cassette tapes into CD’s! Now the whole family can enjoy those precious camcorder tape memories together before the footage is lost forever.


Video & Camcorder Tape Transfer - £25 per tape 

Imagine: All your old home movies shot on video or camcorder tape digitised and transferred expertly to DVD for you to relive again and again!

Each tape is returned with a DVD copy containing everything from the original tape. You can order additional copies or add a USB. We can even add titles (eg “Ben’s 8th Birthday”) and background music. These copies are fully editable, so you can make your own movies at home. Fun!


Cine Film Conversion - £13.00 per 50ft 

Your film reels will be processed together on one DVD, however if you would like them processing in a specific order or would like a separate DVD per reel simply let us know! You can order additional copies or add a USB.

Many cine cameras didn’t have a sound recording function, if you don’t want to watch your memories in silence, we can add background music appropriate to the image content and add a title at the start.

We accept the following cine reel formats: Standard 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm & Polavision Cine Cassettes all with or without sound.


Please note: If your cine film is still in its camera or in a square black box and not on a reel, then it is very likely that your film reel hasn’t been developed. Please develop your film reel first and then bring your developed reel to us to digitise for you. We do not accept audio or magnetic reel-2-reel reels. Cine film reels are charged per 50ft of film.


Audio Cassettes Digitisation - £22.00 per tape. 

Time to turn those sweet heart mix-tapes digital! 

Your audio tapes are transferred to DVD in digital format as .WAV files, giving you the best possible digital playback quality from your analogue tapes. These are fully editable for you to create new digital mixes or just enjoy the memories again. You can also order additional DVDs or add a USB. 


We accept the following formats: Audio Tape Cassettes, Dictaphone & Micro Cassettes. We do not accept audio reels, reel-2-reel or magnetic audio reels.

Audio Cassette are charged per tape with a maximum length of 360 x minutes in total for both sides.



Tape Repair – £10.00 per break 

We repair your physical tapes when the film reel has been torn up to 3 x repairs per tape. If furthermore repairs are required, then the tape film is deemed to brittle to process.

Titles – Titles - £5.00 per tape or reel 

Added at the beginning of the footage for each audio-visual tape or cine reel. Restricted to a maximum of 100 x characters, font and colour chosen by us and lasts for up to 10 seconds. Charged per title, per tape or reel.

Background Music – £5.00 per tape or reel 

Music is added to the background of any audio-visual tape or cine reel that doesn’t already have a sound track. Music is chosen by us based on the visual content. Carefully selected from our licensed stock library. Music and is charged per tape or reel.

Order on USB – £10.00 per USB 

 If you would like a copy of your new DVD on USB, these are supplied based on the digital data value of your order, usually one USB per audio-visual or audio tape or cine DVD.

Extra DVD Copy - £10.00 per DVD 

Want another copy for friends or relatives, just let us know we will add to your order.

Digital to Digital - £10.00 per DVD or USB 

Already got your memories digitally stored but want another copy on DVD or USB? We can transfer any of your digital memories from any digital format to DVD or USB.

DVD’s are charged per amount of data, per 4.5gb and USB’s are charged per amount data per 7.5gb.

Photograph, Slide & Negative Scanning 

We all have collections of treasured images on a variety of different media formats. We make it easy for you to have them scanned to digital format with Jessops, by offering a simple “per image” price no matter what the format (up to 12x8”/A4 format in size).

Images are scanned and then returned in .jpeg format on a DVD. You can order additional copies or add a USB. The more images you send the more you save!

Image Scanning 

0-100 Images - £0.60 per image 

101-500 Images - £0.55 per image 

501+ Images - £0.50 per image 

Photograph, Slide & Negative Premium Scanning

All the great features of our standard service, with the additional help of formatting and organising your images for you!

We will process your analogue images in the order provided, place these in digital folders, name your folders and crop or rotate any images that need to be. If you would like the Premium Service, please be advised that this will apply to all images within your order.

Premium Image Scanning 

0-100 Images - £0.85 per image 

101-500 Images - £0.80 per image 

501+ Images - £0.75 per image 

Photo Restoration with a 6x4” Photographic Print - £30.00 per image 

Our fantastic Photograph Restoration service will not only repair your damaged photographs but also provide you with a 6x4” glossy photograph of your restored photo and a digital copy to share with friends and family.

We can repair damages, rips, tears, fading or even if it’s been drawn on, bringing your precious memory back to life. We can also turn those black and white or sepia photographs to colour, remove people or parts of a photo as well as inserting them into a photo for you.

Photo Restorations are charged per image supplied up to 12x8” or A4 size. Larger sizes are excepted but will incur additional costs.


Terms & Conditions

If your analogue or digital media are lost or damaged whilst in our laboratories or warehouse, we will provide equivalent unexposed film or blank analogue/digital media (or the closest available equivalent should the media you have provided be no longer available) not exceeding a retail value of £25.00 (twenty five pounds), which will be processed free of charge up to the value of £25.00 (twenty five pounds). Where possible please retain a copy of your media until your order has been returned to you. This is a consumer service and we do not accept responsibility for professional or commercial material. Orders are accepted on the condition that you have the right to the relevant imagery reproduced. Any order containing pornographic content will not be processed, if illegal content is found then the relevant authorities will be contacted. Orders will be returned within 14 x working days from receipt within our stores, please be aware that non standard volume orders and multiple or combined media orders may take longer, please enquire with a member of staff before placing your order. Additional costs may apply if the incorrect volume or length of media is entered on the form or your order and additional work is processed. We gather your personal information such as name, physical address, email address and contact number so that we may contact if necessary when handling and processing your order or to return your order to you. We may also use your contact details to provide your digital content back to you as a delivery method to allow you access to your digital content.

Copyright Law

How long does it take?

All standard orders are returned within 10 working days from when we receive your media. If your order is going to take longer due to volume or format we will let you know.

Will you return my media?

Yes, we always return your originals.

Can you edit my videos or cine film?

No, sorry this is not a service we provide. Your digital video files are in a format to enable you to edit at home.

Can I combine negatives, slides and photographs into one order?

Yes, it is the total images combined we process and charge for.

Is there any photo you can’t repair?

Yes, unfortunately we are not magicians. We need at least 50% of an image for reconstruction or a reference image to work from.

Can you make a blurred image sharp?

No, if the image was taken blurry then we cannot correct this.

Do you clean the slides before processing?

Yes, all slides are carefully brushed and air blown. We do not use any chemical cleaning.

Can I send you my own music to add to my video or cine?

Yes, if you have the permission granting you use of the music for adding to your video or cine footage. Due to copyright laws it is illegal for us to add commercial music that we do not have the license to reproduce.

Can I have my order on a USB instead of a disc?

The cost of the service is for the processing of your media and the disc is inclusive within the price. You can purchase a USB and we will provide this with your digital media on.

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