UK Stock only. No Grey Imports

At Jessops we ONLY sell stock that is sourced in the UK and we only deal with major, reputable photography manufactures. This means that you will always get the full UK Manufacturer's Warranty and we can provide a high level of customer service and after sales support.

Beware of Grey Imports

Jessops never deal in grey market goods. A "grey import" is a product that has been imported from a country outside of the EU and therefore outside of the manufacturers authorised trading channels. Goods that are purchased in this manner may not include VAT in the price of goods, so the pricing can seem extremely competitive however there are risks associated with buying grey imports:

As a UK resident you are legally required to pay import duty and VAT at 20%. H.M. Customs and Excise are well aware of the "grey import" market and have clamped down on the practise. If the Customs declaration form on the parcel is found to be misleading then the recipient may be liable to financial penalty or prosecution. In addition the goods may be seized. So you may end up being prosecuted and with no goods.

More commonly grey goods often "go missing" or are damaged in transit given that they are delicate in nature and they are being transported long distances (outside of the EU) to reach the recipient. If you receive damaged goods you'll most likely find that the oversees vendor will show little interest in your plight. If your insurance does cover you you'll need to ensure that you have paid import duty and VAT at 20% before you can make a legitimate claim.

So when it comes to grey imports it may feel like a "good deal" at first glance however this is a risky approach to buying goods and can result in a great deal of disappointment. There is a reason that grey importers are able to undercut legitimate high street pricing and this is because of their irregular operating practises. Many will remove items from the box; accessories, chargers, batteries etc and sell these as optional extras. They will also provide no support, advice, or knowledgeable staff to help or support you. In short, you can never be confident in what it is you are buying.

So please help us beat this practise by not even considering grey imports, and instead support trustworthy retailers such as Jessops for your photographic needs.

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