• A picture of Fujifilm X-E1 Body
  • A picture of Fujifilm X-E1 Body

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Fujifilm X-E1 Body

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The Fujifilm X-E1 is a retro-styled addition to their Compact System Camera range. It uses a fantastically detailed image sensor to deliver truly fine quality and has professional imaging features that allow you control exposure, focus, colour balance, sensitivity and much more besides.

Intuitive Design and Construction
Situated on the lightweight and robust Magnesium top plate, are numbered dials for aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation so you can easily set these parameters just like on a traditional film camera, even when the power is switched off. It is also possible to adjust settings while looking through the viewfinder and you can use custom features, either by pressing the Drive button for access to the most often used functions, or assigning modes to the Fn button for custom setup. There is even a Q (quick) menu shortcut button.

Large 16 Megapixel with Unique Array
The X-Trans CMOS (APS-C size) sensor is the same sensor found in Fujifilm’s top X-Pro1 model. It uses a unique colour filter array which gives a highly random pixel arrangement and so eliminates the need for a moiré filter which can inhibit resolution. Basically pixels are in a 6x6 repeating pattern rather than 2x2 repeating pattern. The random nature of the colour filter array also makes noise reduction far more efficient and finally the larger sensor size allows for shallow depth of field effects and therefore pleasing bokeh.

High Sensitivity and Fast Operation
Using the extended ISO range, ISO sensitivity can be set anywhere between ISO 100 and ISO 25,600. Fast camera operation includes a 0.5sec startup time from Sleep Mode, a tiny 0.05sec shutter lag and 0.1sec Autofocus. For action sequences you can shoot continuously at 6 frames per second.

Focus Options
As well as having single and continuous autofocus, the 49-point AF sensor features a user-movable AF frame which can be put wherever you like in the image frame. Manual Focusing is aided by distance and depth-of-field readout information.

Film Simulation
Fujifilm slide and negative camera films are well known for their unique and beautiful characters, giving subtle differences between emulsions. For that reason, Fujifilm have simulated the colour balance of their most popular films on this camera. These include Velvia for vivid saturation, PRO Neg.Std, PRO Neg.Hi, Provia for a neutral balance, and Astia for gentle colourings ideal for portraits. There are also monochrome (with R/G/Ye filters) and Sepia simulation modes.

Full HD Movies
Full HD movies can be recorded with stereo sound at 24 frames per second, just like cinematic film. You can adjust microphone levels or even use the Mic input to attach an external stereo microphone. Again there are Provia, Velvia and Monochrome simulation modes as well as adjustment of White Balance.

Superb Electronic Viewfinder
The XE-1 includes a high luminance 2.36 million-dot OLED Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) with extra wide apparent horizontal field of vision of 25°, dioptric adjustment and 100% Field of View. Contrast ratio as great as 1:5000 for a superb, lifelike view. As an alternative there is a large 2.8” LCD monitor on which to frame your images. Viewing aids include an Electronic Horizon, Framing Guidelines and there is Scroll-free Menu Navigation.

Bracketing Modes
As you often don’t get a second chance at a photo opportunity, it’s best to cover all bases, as any pro will confirm. The X-E1 can bracket for the following:
  • Auto Exposure (1/3, 2/3, 1EV steps)
  • ISO Sensitivity (1/3, 2/3, 1EV steps)
  • Dynamic Range (light-to-shade ratio) - (100%, 200%, 400%)
  • Film Simulation Modes

There is also an AE/AF Lock Button which can lock both on a setting or can be used to individually set AE Lock only or AF Lock only.

Additional Features
  • Multi metering, Spot (2%) or Average metering for the entire frame area
  • Motion Panorama
  • Built-in flash (GN7) and dedicated hotshoe. Dedicated synchro mode for fill flash and full flash
  • Multiple Exposure with preview of finished image while framing
  • Built-in RAW converter for viewing images on-location
  • Colour, Highlight & Shadow Tone and Sharpness Adjustment
  • Two Colour Spaces: sRGB and the broader Adobe RGB®
  • 5 levels of noise reduction control


Operating System Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X
Continuous Shooting Speed (fps) 6fps (or 3fps selectable)
MegaPixel (Effective Resolution) 16.3 Megapixels
Megapixel Banding 16 to 16.9 Megapixels
Lens Fitting Fujifilm X
Monitor Size 2.8"
Remote Compatibility Type Fujifilm RR-80
Movie Mode Yes (with Sound)
Bag/Case size (not supplied) Tecno Shoulder bag - medium
ISO Speed Range 200-6400 (Extended 100-25,600)
Max Image Resolution 4896 x 3264 pixels
Battery Compatibility Fitting Fuji NP-W126
Charger Included Yes
Video Out HDMI
Exposure Compensation Yes
Audio Recording Yes
Focusing Modes One-shot AF, Continuous AF, Manual
Compatible storage media (card not supplied) SDXC, SD Card, SDHC Card
Filter - Size 58mm
Built in Flash Yes
Sensor Size (WxH mm) 23.6 x 15.6mm
Flash Built in
Auto Exposure Bracketing Yes
Exposure Modes Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Picture Modes, Manual
White Balance Modes Auto, Manual, Preset, Custom
Connection Type HDMI, USB 2.0
Flashgun compatibility Fujifilm EF-X20
Touchscreen No
Focal Length Conversion Factor 1.52x approx
Body Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 129 x 74.9 x 38.3mm
Depth of Field Preview Yes
Model XE1
Metering Modes Evaluative, Colour Matrix, Spot
Weight (g) 350