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Peak Design Capture Lens for Canon Lens

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    Changing lenses is one of the most common workflows in photography. It’s also one of the most frustrating. Peak Design’s CaptureLENS lets you change lenses rapidly, with just one hand, and holds your unused lens rigidly and securely. Wear CaptureLENS on any backpack strap, belt or bag, keeping your spare lens quickly accessible and freeing up the inside of your bag for other gear. Includes 1 clip and 1 Lens Kit adapter. Choose from Canon EF,Nikon F or Sony E/FE mounts.

    Ideal Combo Of Security And Access
    Forget cumbersome pouches. CaptureLENS keeps your spare lenses rigidly secure on any belt, backpack strap or bag so you can carry them securely and access them instantly.

    Canon, Nikon Or Sony
    When you order CaptureLENS, choose 1 of 3 lens types: Canon EF, Nikon F or Sony E/FE. We do not currently offer support for Micro 4/3, Fuji X or other mounts, but we may do so in the future.

    Any Strap, Any Belt, Any Bag
    Attaches to any strap up to 7cm (3") wide, meaning you can carry your lens securely on your belt, backpack strap or bag strap.

    Use With Any Peak Design Strap
    The Lens Kit attachment that comes with CaptureLENS has multiple Anchor mounting points, so you can use any Peak Design strap to comfortably sling your spare lens around your body.

    4-Way Locking Swivel
    The Lens Kit adapter swivels freely for quick lens changing, but locks in 4 directions to keep your unused lens secure.

    Quick-Release Action
    Just like the bayonet mount on your camera, CaptureLENS lets you quickly remove lenses by pressing the red quick-release button and twisting. Likewise, your lens will automatically lock into CaptureLENS simply by twisting until you hear the lock click.

    Hold Up To 2 Lenses At A Time
    The double bayonet mount lets you hold up to 2 lenses at a time, or keep one bayonet mount free so you can conduct a fast lens change.

    Weatherproof Construction
    Made of glass-reinforced nylon with machined aluminium bayonet mounts. Includes 2 bayonet caps to keep dust and water out of the unit.