Speedlight Workshop


Confused or bamboozled by flash & how to use it? then this 1 day workshop will help you harness it's power, understand it's uses, and demystify it's amazing creative potential.
Gain confidence and control your flashgun, with a practical day of implimenting it's many uses on inanimate, and live subjects.

On The Day

Your academy trainer will take you through the key uses and modes to gain control of your flash, while building your confidence in using it, and removing the fear behind it. Looking at the practical aplications of TTL, Manual, On Camera and wirelss flash, as well as introducing modifers to your flashgun. This practical workshop also focuses on the use of High Speed Sync* and flash duration.

*High Speed Sync is not available on all camera, flash, and wireless systems.

Recommended Equipment

Equiment Required: DSLR
Equiment Required: Mirrorless Camera
Mirrorless Camera
Equiment Required: Batteries
Equiment Required: Memory Cards
Memory Cards
Equiment Required: Flashgun
Equiment Required: Flashgun Trigger
Flashgun Trigger
Equiment Required: Tripod

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