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Lightroom is one of the world’s leading photographic programs used by millions around the world, both professional and amateur alike.

Our 4-hour online tutorial gives you a better understanding of Lightrooms amazing features and tools to help you get more from your images, Brighter, sharper, more colourful, better balanced, more creative, we'll help you unlock those images you've been holding onto.

On The Day

This course is hosted online via Zoom and a link to access the session will be sent to ahead of the date agreed with yourself and our Academy Team.

The tutor will help guide you through the stages and processes of Lightroom and can support via remote login to your PC should you wish.

Want more organisation to your images, find that one image from the special holiday you went on 20 years ago?

Using Lightroom to store and organise will allow you to do this, and we'll help you achieve it. We cover Cataloguing, Importing, Folders, Collections, Tagging/Rating/Flagging, Keywording, File Location and Exporting - including Watermarking.

Our course has been designed to help you realise the potential that Lightroom offers. We will provide you with a series of sample images to work on throughout the day. Guiding you through the following workflow;

• Importing

• Creating catalogues

• Key wording

• Workflow

• Folders & Collections

• Editing- using base adjustments to enhance images

• Editing- using advanced tools to refine images

• Exporting to your computer.

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