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The TG-6 is your ideal partner for capturing every moment of your journey, regardless of the conditions. The latest flagship Tough camera is your reliable companion when it comes to high-quality photos and videos in extreme moments. Take it up a rocky mountain trail one day, scuba diving the next and get spectacular shots every step of the way. Packed with unmatched combinations of features, Tough cameras capture the smallest detail and brightest colours of every exciting moment. The TG-6, available in red or black, is the camera you’ll always want to have with you.

Expand on your Tough experience…

... with a huge range of handy accessories to unleash your creativity

Make the most out of your camera! From LED light guides and flashes, fisheye and teleconverter lenses, to robust cases and much, much more – a huge range of accessories opens up a world of possibilities. With these accessories, your creativity will know no limits.

Best-in-class image quality

On your wildest adventures, you never know what’s coming next. How you deal with extremely challenging lighting conditions is the key to getting great images. The image sensor features superb high-speed and high-sensitivity performance for an even better image quality than ever before. Even in low-light situations, your pictures will always turn out bright and beautiful. 

Reliable, tough performance

The TG-6 is waterproof (15 m), shockproof (2.1 m), crushproof (100 kgf), freezeproof (-10°C) and dustproof, to survive anything you have planned. Extreme temperature changes often cause condensation on lenses. The dual-pane protective glass of the TG-6 prevents this, so you can keep shooting regardless.

Underwater adventures

With its Tough performance and its high-quality lens, the TG-6 gives you the freedom to explore underwater worlds to a depth of 15 m. Utilising the wide range of accessories, you can go as deep as 45 m.

With underwater white balance modes, microscope modes and Underwater HDR, your images will come beautifully to life, no matter what depth the water is.

Capture the smallest detail

Travel beyond the limit of your eyes! Subjects that the naked eye can't see can now be captured in breathtaking detail, thanks to the maximum 7x image magnification. The Microscope mode allows the camera to capture subjects as close as 1 cm. Create sensational close-up shots that look as if you're viewing through a microscope.

Capture every moment in 4K

Let your activities come to life by capturing every detail at the perfect moment, thanks to cutting-edge image technology. 4K video allows you to record breathtaking footage of your favourite moments. See the vibrancy in every tiny movement in stunningly high definition.

Track and share

The built-in field sensor records tracking info like compass readings and temperature data. Your images containing this data can be transferred to your smartphone via the TG-6's built-in Wi-Fi and OI.Share skills and instantly shared on social media. Additionally, you can link the data to create videos with a tracking data overlay in the OI.Track app.

TruePic VIII 

The Tough TG-6 contains our TruePic VIII image processor, inherited from the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II. Its improved image processing algorithm delivers higher image resolution in low-contrast areas, especially when shooting at low ISO sensitivity. And with 12 megapixels, your images will turn out more spectacular than ever before.

Zoom lens

With its strong zoom functions, the TG-6 lets you shoot both wide-angle and zoomed-in shots of faraway objects. In addition to the 4x optical zoom, a 2x digital tele-converter enables a maximum 8x zoom. You can expand upon this with the TCON-T01 Tele Converter, one of many accessories available to give you the ultimate Tough experience.

Underwater Case – Discover the underwater world

If you want to explore underwater worlds even deeper under the surface, this compact case is the right expansion for you. It is waterproof down to 45 metres and facilitates easy control of all the camera functions, including the special underwater wide, macro, HDR and snapshot modes.

FCON-T02 Fisheye Converter 

Using this new fisheye converter, you can now easily switch between circular fisheye and diagonal fisheye photography. If you want to capture even more of your fascinating experiences, the fisheye converter lens FCON-T02 gives you wide-angle shots without sacrificing the brightness of the F2 lens. Even in darker underwater scenes, you can shoot wider, more dynamic images that reproduce the beauty of the underwater world.

TCON‑T01 Tele Converter 

The TCON-T01 teleconverter lens lets you increase the optical zoom ratio by 6.8x – for dramatic close-ups with professional-looking background blur. With the super-resolution zoom feature, you can even achieve 13.6x magnification. This lens conversion is particularly helpful when shooting long-distance shots enjoying the high brightness, even when the subject is at a distance.

LB-T01 Lens Barrier

This all-new lens barrier protects the lens from dirt and scratches. For speedy operation, simply rotate the edge to easily open and close the barrier even while wearing gloves. Loss of the lens barrier is prevented because it is fixed to the camera and does not need to be removed for shooting. 

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