This is the E-M1X
An all new category of OM-D for the demanding professionals

We all knew Olympus would save a special announcement to mark their centenary. The new Olympus OM-D E-M1X doesn’t disappoint. By turning conventional wisdom on its head, it manages to achieve something pretty unique.

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Built In Vertical Grip

Built in 5 Axis Stabilisation

Twin Processor for High Speed Performance

4k Movies

Up to 60fps in Pro Capture mode

Silent Shooting

Building on the unrivalled OM-D system mobility, the E-M1X is toughest, fastest and smartest OM-D yet, featuring the world’s best image stabilisation and stand out new capabilities including 50mp HiRes Shot handheld.

The new built in vertical grip houses two batteries for extended use, a deep finger rest for both horizontal and vertical positions which is the optimal ergonomic design for pro photographers who spend all day shooting. It is perfectly balanced for the Olympus Pro Series lenses.

On the durability front, the all new shutter mechanism is tested to 400,000 actuations and the magnesium alloy body is the only model fully IPX1 weather resistance tested on the market.

New twin processors take high-speed performance to another level for both image processing and a re-developed intelligent autofocus system while the new MyMenu option provides the ultimate in customised operability. A new joystick adds improved control.

For maximum mobility, leave your tripod at home with any bulky filters – combining market leading IS with new built ND filters and handheld HiRes shot, the E-M1X breaks new barriers in creative control and capability in camera.

If you demand the ultimate in system mobility, performance and reliability, look no further than the new  E-M1X. Absolute Confidence.


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Perfect for Motorsports and Wildlife Photography

Motorsports and aircraft

Using tens of thousands of images and machine learning, the E-M1X has been programmed to recognise a staggering variety of shapes a llowing it to zero in and track a motor cycle rider’s helmet for example.

With locked AF, the E-M1X features high-speed sequential shooting at a maximum of 60 fps to capture split-second moments that the human eye cannot see. With AF/AE tracking, a maximum of 18 fps may be reached.


Wildlife and outdoor

Combined with focusing, the exceptional portability and ruggedness of the system, class leading IS and new ND filter all combine to provide power in a “carry even on a small plane” form.

Weather sealing – which has been taken to a new level in the E-M1X to offer the world’s best – the E-M1X has cleared Olympus’ in-house splash proof tests that are more rigorous than IPX1, allowing users to shoot in the most severe weather conditions. 


Key Features in detail

World’s best Image stabilisation

In combination with a M.Zuiko IS PRO lens, this technology enables the 5-axis sync IS to compensate for approx. 7.5 shutter speed steps. 

The powerful 5-axis IS and electronic stabilisation enable refined handheld 4K and C4K video recording with three selectable levels of movement.

Totally Re-developed AF system

The OM-D AF system has been completely redeveloped, offering additional focal points and a new intelligent subject detection function to automatically track certain subjects. 

The AF system so it now includes new focus modes and intelligent subject tracking. The subject-tracking is of particular interest because it means the E-M1X is able to distinguish cars, motorcycles, aircraft, helicopters and even steam locomotives. There will even be Eye Detect AF available via an extension

The sensor dust reduction system 

Weather-proofing, a big issue for anyone shooting outside in poor conditions, has seen a big improvement, here.

Its magnesium alloy body is dustproof, splash-proof and freeze-proof (down to -10C).

It’s even still weather-proof with the microphone and earphones attached. And just to stress its design credentials even further, the shutter mechanism is good for a very impressive 400K actuations.

Built in vertical hand grip 

With an integrated vertical grip, the E-M1X delivers that extra in secure holding and reliability many professionals were looking for. As the design is the same on both the vertical and horizontal grip, users enjoy the same intuitive hand movements in portrait and landscape format shooting.

With a vertical grip built into its casing, it means you can seamlessly switch from landscape to portrait mode with little change to how the camera handles.

Twin processors

The dual processor design not only contributes to a faster camera, but also allows the support of two high-speed UHS-II SD card slots and enables the latest shooting functions such as Handheld High Res Shot, Live ND, and Intelligent Subject Detection AF.

Its two new TruePic VIII processors can take much of the credit for these improvements. They come in handy in other ways, speeding up the start-up time and other functions.


Handheld high res shot

While the sensor is a respectable 20.4Mp, if that’s not enough there are two compilation modes enabling you to shoot 50Mp and 80Mp images.

This is achieved by fractionally moving the sensor through multiple shots and then merging them all together.

In the past, this feature required you to use a tripod but you can now shoot 50Mp photos handheld at 1/60s..

Trade-in your Old Camera for the Olympus OM-D E-M1X*


Product Condition

Launch Price

Trade-in Offer Price

Pre Order £200
Trade-in Bonus
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for the Olympus E-M1X

Olympus EM1 MK2 Body



+ £200 BONUS

Yes £1839.00

Olympus EM1 MK1 Body



+ £200 BONUS

Yes £2390.71

Panasonic GH5 Body



+ £200 BONUS

Yes £2046.01

Canon 80D Body



+ £200 BONUS

Yes £2246.65

Canon 7D Body



+ £200 BONUS

Yes £2258.59

Canon 7D MK2 Body



+ £200 BONUS

Yes £1949.00
Nikon D500 Body Mint £2799 £890.00
+ £200 BONUS
Yes £1709.00
Panasonic G9 Body Mint £2799 £680.00
+ £200 BONUS
Yes £1919.00


Terms and Conditions

* Trade-in values are correct at time of print, and are subject to change at any point. Prices listed assume the camera meets the mint condition criteria and all original accessories are present. Normal trade-in terms and conditions apply, ask in store for further details or call us on 0344 800 4444. Trade-in bonus will be applied at point of sale for a limited time.

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