Spotlight on… Jessops Staff Member Louis Barr – Olympus Pen-f

Entrusting your favourite camera to someone to be fixed can be daunting. You may wonder how long it will be gone, and whether they will take good care of it; but missing another great shot because of a faulty shutter or a dusty lens is just too frustrating. At Jessops we understand the importance of keeping your camera in good condition, because we are photographers too. And because we are photographers, we also understand how much you love your camera - because we love our camera too.

To show you how committed to photography our Jessops team members are, we’ve put together a Spotlight Series to shine a light on their talents, show their passion for photography, and show you what they love about their camera.

To kick of the series, we’re focusing our lenses on architectural and landscape photographer Louis Barr. As well as working in our Exeter store, Louis has a degree in photography and uses his skills whenever he can.

"Knowing what my Olympus is capable of doing what I need it to, makes me excited to take photos each time I use it.” 

When he’s not doing day-to-day shots, Louis specialises in architectural photography and street photography, and uses an Olympus Pen-f camera to capture his vision. Louis says, “I love my camera because it’s lightweight, feels good in the hand, and has the capabilities I need to get the shot every time. Knowing what my Olympus is capable of doing what I need it to, makes me excited to take photos each time I use it.”


Super Sharp, Super Lightweight

A good example of a time Louis’ camera of choice came into its own was with this shot taken by the National Theatre. “Having a lightweight camera that I can use quickly allowed me to get this shot; a shot that expresses the quality of the architecture to the audience. I can really communicate with my camera.” This lightweight factor is important to Louis in street art, knowing his camera can be pulled out in a split second means he can really capture the moment and express himself.

Focusing on architecture and street photography, Louis’ shots are usually taken outside in natural light. He has a few go-to lenses: the super sharp lightweight 40-150mm M.ZUIKO, the pin-sharp 17mm M.ZUIKO which is great for street photography, and a 12-50mm M.Zuiko f3.5-f6.3 lens, which is what the National Theatre picture was taken with. See Louis’ camera here, and a selection of Olympus Pen-f lenses.


We’re Photographers Too

It’s no secret that Jessops team are the true photography experts of the high-street, but we hope you can see from this feature that there’s more to their expertise than specs and shutter speeds. Our team are photographers too, and they are as passionate about the craft and the art of photography as our customers. So, when entrusting your camera to someone to fix, you can be sure that your camera will be taken care of at Jessops, because we know how much you love your camera, and #WeLoveYourCameraToo.


To see the rest of the series, make sure you follow our social media accounts, and check the hashtag #WeLoveYourCameraToo on Instagram. If you’d like to book your camera in for a sensor clean or repair , feel free to come in and speak to one of our experts, or look on our services page on our website for more information and to see what we offer.

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