Which Camera Should I Buy

Thinking of upgrading? Want to treat yourself? Or just getting ready for some Black Friday bargains? Whatever your reasons, we’re here to help you out: here are our handy pointers to guide you towards the camera of your dreams.

Why do you want a camera?

It’s an obvious question, but a good one to ask. Are you headed on a specific trip? If so, you’ll want a camera that’s small and light for travel, yet powerful and flexible enough to capture a range of experiences. Are you just fed up with your phone taking bad pictures and running out of space? A slimline compact might be for you. Or are you thinking of taking photography more seriously? If so, a camera that can grow with you – like a mirrorless or DSLR – could be the right choice. Make sure you know the answer to this question before you set out on your buying adventure: it’ll help you from taking a wrong turn.

What’s your budget?

Setting a clear upper limit beforehand will help you hunt out bargains and avoid cameras out of your price range. You could also think about taking out one of our interest-free finance deals to help spread out the cost of your purchase. Do your research beforehand and you’ll be ready to leap on a deal if you spot a good one.

What sort of camera have you used before?

If you’re stepping up from a phone, this won’t matter so much – but if you already own a camera that you’ve grown out of, you might want to think about sticking with your system. Chances are that the buttons and menus will be the same, so it won’t take you so long to get up to speed. If you’ve previously owned a DSLR or mirrorless, you more than likely own a lens or two, so you’ll need a pretty good reason to switch bodies and have to replace your optics. But you never know!

Have you held the camera you’re interested in?

If you’ve had your eye on a particular camera for a while, we’d recommend you try and get hold of it – or a similar model – to see how it feels in your hands. Cameras are all sorts of sizes and if you’ve got particularly small hands or large mitts then you might be surprised by how it feels when you pick it up – popping into one of our stores will give you a chance to get hands on AND to chat with our team about your choice.

Have you done your research?

Modern cameras are packed with features to make your life simpler when taking pictures. Once you’ve settled on the type you fancy, the next step is whittling down your options based on the camera’s specification. Do you like sharing pictures online? A wifi-ready camera for instant, wireless image transfer to your phone or tablet is going to make picture-sharing a breeze. Do you lead a fairly active lifestyle? A tough camera or one with solid build quality could be an idea – just so your investment lasts!

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