Make your Summer holidays failproof

The heat is hitting you hard but finding the perfect camera that can endure your holiday tantrums has proven to make you sweat even more!

We know what it's like: first finding the right destination to go to. Somewhere hot, somewhere fun, different from last year but not too different. You fancy being close to the beach, but what about those great activities you can sign up for? You want that too. Your energetic tribe is ready for some action but how ready are you to capture those epic splashes and jumps and hold on to them when you’re back home?

What's a Tough Camera?

You need a savior to survive water, crashes, dust, height and temperature treatment. Anything else? Oh yes, your kids begging for pizza the fifth day in a row but that’s yours to deal with (good luck). 

If you’re thinking your smartphone can take pictures, think twice. Your expensive phone cannot bear what your resourceful tribe have in mind and getting away intact from it. You need a compact camera, you must have a Tough one. This is the best compact camera suited to take in all the bumps and give you back the most amazing action shots effortlessly. You’re welcome.  

If action is what you’re craving for your Summer break, whether you’re up to kick your adrenaline with kayaking or just enjoying a good splash by the pool, the Tough cameras' features will amaze you whilst their solid body will definitely leave you speechless. We have chosen the best three to please everyone’s pockets and taste, you can thank us later.

The easy peasy snap

You don’t need to break the bank to get amazing shots. Fujifilm Finepix XP130 is all the magic you need. This warrior is waterproof up to 20 metres (65 feet), handy to fulfil your little mermaid or Aquaman dream whilst snorkeling. You’re going to have a great time playing around with the clever 5x Optical Zoom Lens featuring the widest setting of 28mm on high performance that combined with Intelligent Digital Zoom doubles the range to 10x. 


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All those beach poses you were working on last Winter in front of your mirror can now have a sandy stage (and a very entertained audience) when having fun with the Cinemagraph mode and record a minivideo of 5 seconds where you can select moving elements with everything else standing still – your Baywatch run will be just epic!

It’s going to be extremely easy to shoot in bright conditions with the 3-inch high definition 920K LCD monitor that automatically adjusts the brightness levels to support optimal visibility without draining away the battery life span. Same when it comes to stay connected with your beloved ones back home, keep your Bluetooth® connection continuously by activating the low energy mode when transferring your stunning shots to your smartphone. Your images can also be auto-timed and geotagged: just another reason not to miss the life-after-holidays, right?

One tough cookie

The Ricoh WG-60 is the sweet deal you were dreaming of. This is the champion that imperturbably will resist your squad’s shockproof and crushproof challenges without even blinking. 

Get the real taste of scuba diving and bring your camera down to 14 metres for as long as 2 hours and enjoy the Underwater Movie mode will fairly surprise you to make you check if you have enough oxygen left.

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You’ll be able to explore the microcosm around you with the Digital Microscope mode: the six LED Macro lights positioned around the lens barrel provides a perfectly distributed illumination to nail your flora and fauna close ups. 

You can really test your creativity whilst showing off about how many great moments you have captured by choosing from 25 different shooting modes that include Landscape (to enhance vivid colours), Surf (great for bright and glary water shots) and Sports (perfect for action shots) just to name a few.

Another one bites the dust

That’s exactly what the Olympus TG-6 would say if it could talk. Like a true gladiator, this camera is dustproof, crushproof up to 100kg, shockproof up to 2.1 metres, waterproof to a depth of 15 metres, freezeproof to -10° with a dual-pane anti-fog protective glass. 

Fancy kayaking? Go for it. Ready for zip wiring? Great, because now you can do it all and bringing this solid little soldier with you. You’ll be dying to do more to experience the outstanding number of shooting modes: from the five Underwater ones (Wide, Snapshot, Macro, Microscope and HDR) to Stacking, where you will be able to choose the number of shots to be merged to obtain a sharp focus images, prepare yourself to be adrenaline addicted.

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The quality of your epic moments is set up for glory with the 12 Megapixel hi-speed back-lit CMOS image sensor and the TruePic VIII image processor from the OM-D E-M1X pro model, assisting to reduce noise levels in low light conditions. Since you’re in for a treat, just shoot RAW and give your shots the high resolution editing they deserve and choose between recording in 4K 30P as well as high speed Full-HD with slow motion playback.

GPS, compass and OI.Track app compatibility are the other gems you can appreciate along with the built-in Wi-Fi to share your adventure highlights right away.

Your holidays deserve to be remembered, your shots deserve to be crisp and on focus, but most importantly you deserve to enjoy your time away without gasping because you fear to break your camera and all your memories with it. Now you know that a Tough camera is the best choice for action holidays, just go big before you go home.

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