10 things you need to know

1. Outstanding image quality

By combining a 20.3 Megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor with the latest Venus processing engine, the Panasonic G9 boasts the best image quality of any Lumix camera to date. The sensor doesn't have a low-pass filter, making it primed for capturing excellent detail. It builds on the GH5, but takes a more stills-centric approach, as opposed to the more video-centric approach of the older camera.

2. One of the highest resolutions for a compact

Using a shifting the sensor that merges images, in high-resolution mode you can create files to the equivalent of 80 megapixels images in-camera - in both RAW and JPEG formats. It's ideal any epic landscapes you're taking on a tripod - and also gets up close and personal pin-sharp detail in macro too.

3. No more blurry images

One of the major improvements made to the G9 is to image stabilisation. The new Image Stabilizer inside the camera allows you to shoot with up to 6.5 stops slower shutter speeds. So now you can go handheld without worrying about image blur, even in lower-light situations.

4. The fastest autofocus you'll find

High-speed, high-precision autofocus is delivered via Depth from Defocus (DFD) technology, giving the G9 autofocus speeds of just 0.04 seconds - the fastest available on the market. What's more, tracking focus has also been improved to help you keep up with those elusive moving targets.

5. Continuous burst shooting with consistency

To further help capture the decisive moment, the G9 can shoot at up to a market-leading 20fps (frames per second), with continuous autofocus and at full resolution in JPEG and RAW. If you fix the focus on the first frame, you can shoot up to an incredible 60fps - still at full resolution in JPEG and RAW.

6. 6K Photo and 4K Photo

Just like other Panasonic modes, 4K Photo and 6K Photo is on hand. With it, you can shoot at up to 60fps, extracting stills large enough to make large prints. Other useful functions of 4K Photo include Focus Stacking and the ability to change the focus point after you’ve taken the shot.

7. A viewfinder that gives you clear vision

When it comes to composing your images - you've got a high-resolution viewfinder, which is the largest in its class - it also boasts a magnification ratio of 0.83x for bright and clear views of the scene, with a smooth display and minimal lag. There's also a high-resolution rear monitor, which is fully articulating to help you compose from a variety of creative angles - it's touch sensitive too.

8. A robust body design ideal for adventuring

Designed for life in the field, the G9 is built to withstand a range of different conditions. It is constructed from a magnesium alloy full die-cast front and rear frame, and is dustproof, splash proof and freezeproof. There's a large LCD screen on the top of the camera to give you a quick insight into key settings, while dual SD memory card slots are both compatible with the fast UHS-II format.

9. Send images to your smartphone instantly

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is available with the G9, giving you the flexibility to have a constant, low-power connection to your smartphone. With it, you can send across images ready to be shared with social media and email, as well as controlling the camera remotely.

10. Superior lens compatibility

There's a huge selection of compatible Micro Four Thirds lenses available for the Panasonic G9, including the brand new LEICA DG ELMARIT 200mm f/2.8 Power OIS lens, announced at the same time as the G9. With it, you get a 35mm shooting equivalent of 400mm - perfect for wildlife and sports photographers.


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