4 Ways We Love The Panasonic G80

Panasonic’s mirrorless cameras are much loved by their owners and experts alike, and this new arrival looks set to be no exception: small and perfectly formed, the new LUMIX DMC-G80 (to give it its full name) is crammed with features and the latest imaging technology to make your photo-taking life even simpler. We’ve whittled it down to just four reasons why we think you should take a look but it was a pretty hard task: there’s definitely lots to like about LUMIX’s newest.

It’ll keep your shots steady

Inside the G80 is an updated image stabilisation system – this is a great feature to keep a look out if you’re on the hunt for a new camera, as it helps keep your shots steady when you’re taking pictures without a tripod. Panasonic’s latest version has new gyro-sensor technology working in harmony with an optical stabiliser and a body image stabiliser: basically, every kind of technology you could hope for in a camera this small and light. What does all this mean? Well, it suggests the G80’s going to be great at taking crisp, blur-free images and movies in all sorts of lighting conditions: even when you’re working hand-held (as mentioned) or if your hands tend to tremble. Well worth a look.

It’s got a supercharged sensor

As well as the new image stabilisation technology, Panasonic has also updated the systems used by the G80 to deliver the best possible image quality. A 16 megapixel sensor and a new Venus processing engine work together to make sure you’ll always take images with colour that’s true to life, vibrant tones and packed with detail – exactly as you saw them. And whether you prefer taking stills or video, the G80’s ready to deliver: there’s 4K shooting capabilities plus Full HD at 50p for super-smooth, super-quality movie capture – just like the rest of Panasonic’s acclaimed G series of cameras.

You’ll never miss a moment

Panasonic’s 4K Photo function has been charming users for a while now, and the new G80 continues the trend of offering this hugely exciting and simple-to-use feature. 4K Photo basically allows you to shoot 4K video footage and then lift out 8 megapixel still images – more than big enough for printing – of any moment you want. The G80 has three exclusive 4K Photo features: 4K Burst Shooting, 4K Burst (Start/Stop) and 4K Pre-Burst – each of which has been designed to ensure you’ll never miss a photographic moment again. All you need to do is select the right one for your situation, capture your 4K Burst, then lift out the frame you want. It’s brilliant fun and makes it much simpler to take pictures of subjects which are on the move.

The G80 also has Panasonic’s clever Post Focus feature, which enables you to adjust the point of focus in photos AFTER you’ve taken them. It sounds like magic, but it isn’t – you really do have to see this to believe it. Pop into store and let us show you how useful this feature is!

It’s designed for real life

We want our cameras to last, and Panasonic has taken notice: the new G80 is made with a magnesium front frame plus splash and dustproof sealing, so your camera will be able to survive the bumps and knocks encountered in everyday life.

An ergonomic, easily-grabbable grip makes the camera easy to use while shooting one-handed, and all buttons and dials are within easy reach – so you can concentrate on the pictures and not worry about how to adjust the settings.

The G80’s large electronic viewfinder is bright, responsive and serves up 100% of the view in front of you, and will automatically enter sleep mode if you’ve stopped using it, to help improve the G80’s battery life. And on the back of the G80 is a large, bright touchscreen display that also tilts through 270°, making it simple to shoot while the camera’s down at your waist or another awkward angle.

And one final extra reason why we love the new Panasonic G80 has to be our pre-order offer: get signed up for this new camera now and you’ll get a free battery grip which doubles your shooting time! We’ve also got an interest-free finance offer available, so you don’t even have to wait too long to snap up this great mirrorless camera. Let us know if you’re going for it – tweet us @jessops or tag us into your pictures on Instagram…

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