Wanting to capture your holiday action or adventurous activities without needing a huge camera to record all your videos? Look no further than our range of action cameras. I am Owen from the Jessops Academy Team and I will be taking you through why I enjoy using the DJI Osmo Action camera for my out-of-work activities.



1. The buttons 
In your hands, the Osmo Action is very easy to use, even in the protective housing, for easy record and switching on and off.

2. Record! 
One small button can make all the difference between your wanted footage and hours of videos in your pocket! The record button, compared to other models on the market, has a little resistance which could prove crucial when the action camera is in your pocket to avoid knocking play without meaning to.

3. Quick changes are key 
The “quick switch” mode dial on the side will transition you into the modes you desire the most. Just switch and you are away.

4. Touchscreen 
I like my small touchscreen to be basic and easy to navigate when I’m out and about. Osmo Action has made this simple, swipe up, down or right to find all of your main camera settings.


5. Wet touchscreen! 
Like our mobile phones, touchscreen is a pain when wet and not very responsive. I got the Osmo Action soaked (sorry) near a waterfall during my test journey. The touchscreen was still easy to use and responded well enough!

6. Front screen(!!) 
The first action camera I have used with a front facing screen… I don’t selfie that often but the possibilities of filming or photographing yourself without needing to face away from the camera is exciting!

7. RockSteady! 
Sounds like a funky climbing event doesn’t it? RockSteady keeps your videos from wobbling around with a smooth stabilised end result. I found this especially useful when I was hiking over slippery ground, removing most of the shakes and slips I made.


8. Slow-mo

4x or 8x slow motion straight from the camera… that means sharp, slow action shots.



9. Faster than real life? Time-lapse it.

Perfect for showing distance travelled and lots of movements over a period of time. I personally use this mode for kayaking and hiking to show off how far I have travelled point A to B, shrinking a 30-minute video into minutes.

10. Everyday proof 
During my test the Osmo Action got covered in mud and water, dropped down a hill and (accidentally!) dropped many times. The camera still works to this day and is able to survive much harsher conditions and weather – even 11 meters underwater and -11°C!


These top 10 reasons will give you an insight into why I enjoy using th DJI Osmo Action for my adventurous activities. For more information, please visit!


DJI Osmo Action Camera Range

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