10 Reasons Why You Need the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

It’s finally here! First announced at Photokina back in September 2017, this new flagship mirrorless camera from Olympus is now available to pre-order – and we’ve got a whole load of offers to tempt you into putting your name down! So we thought we’d take a look at ten reasons why you should get this mirrorless marvel on your wishlist…

1. It’s blisteringly fast

With top shooting speeds of 18 frames-per-second (fps) in continuous focus mode and a staggering 60fps when in single auto focus mode, the new OM-D leaves other mirrorless cameras in its wake. This means it’s perfect for sports, action and other fast-paced subjects, while also delivering images of such fine quality that it’s ideal for landscapes, portraits and other sorts of picture-taking where detail is key. In fact, it’s a pretty fine all-rounder.

2. Hold it...

Most cameras of this specification can be large, bulky and tricky to carry for long periods of time – but the new OM-D has been designed to be super compact and easy to grip, even when shooting tripodless with a 300mm lens attached. You’ll be able to carry a full kit with ease, in a bag small enough to carry onto an aeroplane – definitely worth checking out if you travel a lot or struggle with heavy loads.

3. Super sensor

Inside the OM-D E-M1 Mark II beats a 20.4 megapixel sensor that’s capable of delivering stunningly detailed images as well as 4K movie capture – all powered by an all-new TruePic VII processor for fast response times.

4. Keep it steady...

Olympus is known for its innovative in-camera image stabilisation, and the OM-D E-M1 Mark II continues where its relatives left off: you’ll be able to enjoy 5-axis image stabilisation as standard even when shooting video, for smooth, jar-free stills and moviemaking.

5. Focus on what matters

The OM-D line of cameras has always had exceptional autofocus capabilities, and it looks like Olympus’s newest is going to be no different. The new flagship has 121 cross-type AF points all powered by that TruePic VII processor, so it doesn’t matter how fast your subject is moving: the OM-D E-M1 Mark II will help you catch it on camera.

6. Built to survive

The new OM-D continues the tradition of Olympus cameras being built to last: the E-M1 Mark II is splashproof, freezeproof and dustproof, so you know you can rely on it, whatever the weather.

7. Lenses, lenses, everywhere

Back in the day people used to worry about the range of optics available for a micro four thirds system like the Olympus OM-D line – well, not any more. The lens line-up is vast and constantly expanding, with telephoto zooms, primes, wide-angles, macro – and more – to satisfy even the most creative photographers. And if you fancy picking up one of Olympus’s Pro lenses at the same time as your camera, you’ll save £100 on any Pro optic bought when you pre-order the OM-D E-M1 Mark II!

8. It’s ready before you are

Worried about missing that crucial shot? Turn on the camera’s Pro Capture mode and it’ll record up to 14 frames before you’ve even fully pressed the shutter button. Now that’s clever.

9. Service please

New OM-D E-M1 Mark II owners will be able to sign up for one of three service programmes that’ll help provide the professional support required to be a working photographer in the field. The entry-level package (it’s free!) – Standard Plus – will give you 6 months of extended warranty, while the advanced programmes will give you free repair shipments, express customer support or even video assistance. Perfect if you need your camera for work! There’s also up to 12 months of Interest Free Finance available – just apply through our site when pre-ordering and spread the cost to suit you.

10. Don’t miss the pre-order goodies

Olympus has been generous! If you get your name down for one of the first OM-Ds to enter the country, you’ll be eligible to sign up for an exclusive Olympus Experience day. These six events will be held on weekends between March and May 2017 and will give you and your new camera the chance to spend the day with an Olympus-using professional shooter at a seriously exciting venue. It’s first-come, first-serve – so get your pre-orders in and snap this treat up fast over at Olympus’s Image Space website.

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