What you need to know about the Nikon D850

We now have the full specifications of Nikon's hotly anticipated new full-frame camera. It's the ideal camera for professionals and advanced enthusiasts looking for a fantastic all-rounder, and follows on from the excellent D810.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at the key new features of this exciting model, exploring how it builds on its predecessor to make it one of this year's key new cameras.

Nikon D850 Sensor & Processor

The D850 has the highest resolution sensor of any Nikon full-frame camera to date. The 45.7 megapixel full-frame (FX format) sensor gives you plenty of scope for fantastic detail resolution, creative cropping and for creating ultra-large prints. A boost from the 36 megapixels of the D810, the D850 also features a new design with gapless on-chip lens architecture.

A powerful EXPEED 5 image processor - the latest generation available from Nikon - helps to keep low-light, high-ISO images clean and crisp. A native ISO range of 64-25600 is available, with expansion settings of 32-102400(equivalent).

The camera can shoot at 7fps, which can be boosted to 9fps by using the optional battery grip.

Nikon D850 Silent Shutter

One of the main advantages of using a mirrorless system is that you can shoot silently, which can be a major bonus in certain situations - particularly ultra-quiet moments in sport where the clatter of a DSLR shutter might be forbidden.

The Nikon D850 boasts a new silent shutter feature to get around that exact problem.

Photographers have to be shooting in Live View to use the feature, but this impressive tool is likely to be appreciated by sports enthusiasts who may have otherwise missed the moment. Wildlife photographers, street photographers, and anyone shooting in quiet environments (such as churches, for example) will also benefit from this feature.

A silent shutter is also useful for creating ultra-sharp images as it removes the slight vibrations caused by the mirror moving out of the way.

Nikon D850 AF System

It comes as no surprise to see Nikon equipping the D850 with the superb AF system from both the D5, and the D500. This means you get 153 AF points, with sensitivity down to -4EV, which makes it super responsive in low-light.

Another new feature is Pinpoint AF mode, which is available in Live View for precise macro shooting. There's also an in-camera focus-stacking mode - a first for the DSLR market.

Nikon D850 Video

Again no surprises here, but the D850 can now shoot in 4K when it comes to video - up from the Full HD capabilities of the D810. What's more, there are no crop-factor limitations and, by pairing the D850 with the optional MB-D18 battery pack, you can shoot for more than three hours at a time. It's also possible to record 4K time-lapses in camera, too.

Nikon D850 Screen and Viewfinder

While the D810 had a fixed screen, the D850 comes with a tilting, 2359k-dot 3.2-inch monitor, which is very useful for composing shots from awkward angles. It's also touch-sensitive, giving you the option to use the screen to control certain settings, such as firing off the shutter release.

The viewfinder is the largest to ever be built into a Nikon DSLR. It offers 100% coverage of the scene, as well as 0.75x magnification.

Nikon D850 Body Design

The D850 follows a similar body design to the APS-C D500, including an AF-point selection joystick and illuminated rear buttons, which come in extremely handy when taking pictures in the dark. Extensive weather sealing also means that the D850 should be able to handle all kinds of shooting conditions.

Just like the D810, the D850 has dual memory-card slots, but the CF card slot has been replaced with the much-faster XQD format. The second slot is an SD-card slot, which is now compatible with the super-quick UHS-II format.

Nikon D850 Battery Life

The official battery life rating of the D850 is an extremely impressive 1840 from a single charge. That hands-down outstrips any mirrorless model on the market, and should enable you to shoot for several hours after many other models would have given up the ghost.

The Nikon D850 looks set to be one of the most capable all-round DSLRs on the market. You can pre-order it now for £3499 (body only). Let us know what you think of the D850 via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media channels.

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