Not sure whether you need a gimbal or not? If you’re regularly shooting handheld video with your camera or smartphone, this product is aimed squarely at you. Like all gimbals, it uses clever stabilisation technology to keep your camera (or smartphone) perfectly stable, leaving you free to do all the important creative stuff.

Falling mid-way between FeiyaTech’s Vimble 2 for smartphones, and its AK2000 for DSLR cameras, the G6 Plus is capable of carrying up to 800g – making it perfect for holding your smartphone, but also just as good when it comes to holding a compact or even a smaller mirrorless camera. It’s so multi-purpose that you could even use it to mount a GoPro Hero or other action camera.

The gimbal can keep going for up to 12 hours, thanks to its large 5000mAh battery. And just like the AK2000, you can also charge your camera from the gimbal while you’re using it, so if you’re filming something like a long timelapse, then battery power won’t be an issue.

With over a decade’s worth of experience building gimbals, FeiyuTech has more than proved its abilities in that time. Not only does it have a reputation for coming up with market-leading products that do what they say on the tin, but it manages to do so for prices that compare very favourably with rivals such as DJI.

Step up

The G6 Plus is an improvement on the G6, mostly thanks to better methods for controlling the gimbal. The handle is where you’ll make most of your adjustments. There’s a knob here that enables you to precisely control all three axes of the gimbal with a simple turn, making it dead easy to find the exact position you’re after and then keep it there. There’s also an OLED screen built into the handle, so you have an instant report showing all current connection settings, gimbal mode and energy consumption.

For added control, you can connect the camera to the gimbal and to your smartphone at the same time using an app. Two apps can be used, depending on how you’re trying to connect – that’s either the Feiyu ON app, or the Vicool app for a smartphone. Connection is made using either Bluetooth or wi-fi and, once linked, you can control the direction of your camera even more easily than with the handle alone. But you can also do a whole lot more than that (provided your camera supports it): control your exposure settings, the gimbal’s operating modes, and all-important stuff like focus points and follow-me, opening up many possibilities with this gimbal. Smartphone video or film makers can access the phone to record audio mic to directly to your footage. 

This is the perfect gimbal if you want to swap devices around. One minute you can be shooting with your mobile, and the next you can switch over to your mirrorless or action camera. At a mere 663g and no more than 33cm long, it’s small and light enough that you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go.

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