5 reasons why you already want the new Canon EOS M5

We think you're going to want this if…

...you love taking pictures with detail

Inside the EOS M5 is a whopper of a sensor: a 24.2MP CMOS sensor that's APS-C sized. This means you'll get DSLR quality images packed with fine details and low noise, even when shooting late night or in situations with challenging light. There's also Canon's DIGIC 7 image processor that'll help you create smooth, stunning photos and movies every single time.

...you're a fan of subjects which are on the move

Whether you're often found trackside or simply have toddlers to chase around the garden, the EOS M5 is supercharged and designed to get you the picture you wanted - not the one that's a few seconds after the moment you wanted. The camera can start up in less than a second, so you'll immediately be ready to capture that moment without having to wait for your camera to wake up. Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus gives you DSLR-level focusing capabilities that'll lock onto and track subjects so you don't have to think about it, even when you're shooting bursts of 7 frames per second.

...you've already got an EOS camera

The EOS M5 is a fantastic everyday notebook camera for EOS DSLR users who fancy taking something smaller out with them: not only will you be completely familiar with the menu system and controls, you'll also be able to use Canon's huge range of EOS lenses with this little pocket powerhouse.

...you love shooting videos as much as you love stills

With the EOS M5 in your bag, you'll be able to make Full HD movies at 60fps - all the cinematic quality you need if you're a budding Hollywood director. Touch AF allows you to tap the rear screen to change the point of focus during filming, and in-camera 5-axis image stabilisation keeps your footage on the level even when you're working handheld with non image-stabilised lenses.

...you love to share your photos

Fan of the 'gram? Can't stop sharing on Facebook or tweeting your latest adventure? The EOS M5 is set up for automatic sharing with compatible Android devices - you can set your pictures free with just one tap when within range of the camera's built-in NFC, and/or use the always-on connection via Bluetooth. Image Sync lets you keep your pictures safe with automatic back-up to Cloud services: so you never need worry about losing your latest work.


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