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Yuneec Typhoon H Plus Drone with C23 Camera and 2 Batteries

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    The Yuneec Typhoon H Plus provides first-class image quality, outstanding reliability and automatic flight modes that all photographers and videographers dream of. Typhoon H Plus is equipped with a 1" 4K camera, a PX4 based flight controller and flight modes including Follow Me, Point of Interest and Curve Cable Cam. All the key internal components of the Typhoon H Plus now have improved protection against electrical influences and, along with the PX4 controller and 6-rotor design, ensure maximum reliability.

    Reliable and efficient
    Several new optimisations make the Typhoon H Plus one of the quietest and most efficient camera drones in its class, boasting up to 28 minutes flying time in calm weather and flight conditions. Refined cabling ensures optimised air circulation and improved cooling. The reworked ST16S remote control has a brighter, optimised display, includes a USB port for easy data access, and has a completely new intuitive user interface

    Safe 6-rotor-system
    For maximum security, the ‘No Fly Zone’ function makes it impossible to fly drones near commercial airports. The Geo Fence can also form a user-defined virtual barrier that prevents the Typhoon H Plus from flying outside of a desired area. In the case of a motor or rotor failure, the Typhoon H Plus automatically switches from 6 to 5 motors - an important feature that distinguishes it from a quadcopter.

    C23 4K camera with 1" sensor
    The C23 wide-angle camera is included with the Typhoon H Plus as standard and delivers high-quality photographs and videos from the air. The 1” CMOS sensor takes still images up to 20 megapixels and captures video up to 4K at 60 frames per second, and also has improved low-light performance as well as an increased dynamic range. The integrated 3-axis gimbal can be rotated 360° limitlessly, just like the other cameras from the Typhoon series. Used in conjunction with the retractable landing gear of the Typhoon H Plus, you can enjoy an unimpeded 360° view without having to move the drone.

    ST16S remote control unit
    The Android-based ST16S is equipped with a high-speed Intel® Quadcore processor. This gives the pilot full control over the Typhoon H Plus and also makes it easy to take photos and videos. All the important camera settings, such as video resolution, tilting of the camera, white balance, and much more can be controlled directly via the ST16S. You view the camera’s live video feed in 720p (HD) on the large 7” display, which also displays detailed telemetry data. The ST16S is fitted with an HDMI port, which facilitates transfer of the image onto a larger screen, so that others can also enjoy the viewing experience.

    Retractable landing gear
    The Typhoon H Plus landing gear can be retracted at the flick of a switch and ensures you can enjoy an unimpeded camera view in any direction. When used in conjunction with the integrated 3-axis gimbal of the C23 camera, which can be rotated 360°, the operator has access to an unimpeded 360° camera view without having to move the drone.

    Drone with intelligent auto-flight modes
    Whether you choose Follow Me, Curve Cable Cam or Return Home – you can concentrate fully on what you are shooting, while the autonomous flight modes take care of flying the Typhoon H Plus.

    Flight Modes:

    • Orbit Me
    • Point of Interest
    • Journey
    • Follow Me/Watch Me
    • Curve Cable Cam
    • Return Home

    Sonar for collision avoidance
    The Typhoon H Plus stops automatically if it encounters obstacles thanks to the intelligent front facing sonar.

    Compact camera drone with easy propeller mounting
    The Typhoon H Plus has been optimally configured for transport so that you can take it with you on any journey. The quick-locking system makes mounting and dismounting the propellers quick and easy – and there is no need for a screwdriver. What’s more, each of the six rotor arms are foldable, transforming the Typhoon H Plus into a practical size that fits easily into a suitable rucksack.

    Please note: A CAA/IAA permit is required to fly this drone at its maximum capacity. If you do not have a permit, then you can only fly it below 120m and within your line of sight. Please click the link below and make yourself more familiar with the rules on flying unmanned aircraft in the UK before you purchase this product.


    Max Flight Times 28 mins
    Camera Megapixels 20
    Weight (g) 1995 g
    Max. Ascent Speed 4 m/s
    Camera Included Yes
    Dimensions 520mm diagonal
    Camera Model C23
    Max. Descent Speed 2.5 m/s
    Camera FOV (Degrees) 91 (video)
    Max. Flight Speed 13.5 m/s

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