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Yuneec Mantis G Drone

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    The Yuneec Mantis G drone is an easy-to-use compact and lightweight drone that's perfect for travelling and posting videos/photos on social media. The Mantis G features a gimbal-stabilised camera which ensures smooth and stable recordings. The integrated camera can record videos in up to 4K and take photos with a resolution of 13 megapixels. If it also enables the pilot to instantly share their images both with friends and family. In just a few steps, it allows you to access your own social media platforms’ feeds with unique and individually designed motifs.

    Intuitive control with voice commands
    The Mantis G is easy to use and can be controlled via your own smartphone in conjunction with the included controller. But if you prefer it will also respond to voice commands. The Yuneec Pilot App, which has been enhanced with new voice commands, which makes this possible. The newly implemented Smart Streaming feature ensure stable communication and signal transmission between the copter and controller.

    Versatile flight modes
    The Mantis G is equipped with numerous practical features. These include the intelligent Smart Shot camera flights, which are triggered at the touch of a button and activate predefined modes. They are especially suitable for inexperienced pilots and make it easy for beginners to take great pictures quickly. Another special feature of the Mantis G is the Waypoint Mode. With this, the pilot can define an exact flight route based on a map using individual waypoints. Another great feature is a practical Visual Tracking function. It enable the Mantis G to follow you everywhere you go. If, on the other hand, you prefer to fly manually or want to fly at high speeds of up to 72 km/h, you can easily do so by utilising the Mantis G’s different flight modes.

    Long flight time & drone location
    With a maximum flight time of 33 minutes per battery charge, there’s plenty of time to discover the world from a new perspective. If the battery charge is nearing its end, the Mantis G can easily be brought back to the starting point using the “Return Home” feature. Alternatively, the pilot can also locate their drone at any time. This feature is called Find the drone. It displays the drone’s GPS signal on a map and makes it easier to find it after landing.

    Smart Shots
    Activate the integrated Smart Shots and the Mantis G will automatically snap some impressive pics. The Instant Sharing feature lets you upload photos and videos directly from the app to social media so you can share them with friends.

    Reliable software and data security
    The Mantis G software is based on open source PX4 code, which is known for its stability and reliability. In addition, integrated No Fly Zones prevent the copter from flying into protected areas around international airports. In addition, the drone’s flight range can be limited with the help of a virtual fence. Thanks to GPS and IPS ultrasound sensors, the Mantis G can be flown both indoors and outdoors. Like all Yuneec drones, the Mantis G does not transfer any video, photo, or telemetry data to external servers.

    Features at a glance:

    • Foldable, lightweight
    • 4K camera with gimbal stabilization
    • Up to 33 minutes of flight time
    • Expanded voice control
    • Intelligent auto flight modes, waypoints, and Smart Shots
    • Visual Tracking and Coming Home modes
    • Top speed of approx. 45 mph
    • Includes controller
    • Redundant control signal
    • PX4-based flight controller
    • Indoor positioning system
    • Geofence and drone location display
    • Includes serial triple charger


    Camera FOV (Degrees) 117
    Max Flight Times 33 mins
    Weight (g) 505g
    Camera Megapixels 13 megapixels
    Dimensions 250 x 195 x 60mm (unfolded)
    Gimbal Included Yes
    Max. Flight Speed 45 mph