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Sigma 150mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens - Canon AF

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An update of Sigma’s APO Macro 150mm, f/2.8EX DG HSM lens, this 1:1 macro optic now includes optical stabilisation (OS). It uses a floating focus system which has exceptional compensation for spherical and astigmatic aberration.

Optical Stabiliser
The Optical Stabilisation provides shake compensation allowing you to shoot with approximately four stops’ slower shutter speeds than you would if it were not in use.

EX Optical Quality
This range-topping EX lens uses SLD (Super Low Dispersion) elements to provide exceptional sharpness and colour fidelity. The floating focus system also compensates further for astigmatic and spherical aberrations. Super Multi Layer Coating means reduced flare and ghosting plus this lens has superior peripheral brightness for consistency across the frame.

Large f/2.8 Rounded Aperture
The wide maximum aperture allows for shallow depth of field effects, especially coupled with the longer working distance associated with the longer focal length. A tele-macro lens has the added benefit of not disturbing your subject, for example when photographing small creatures. For out-of-focus areas, the rounded aperture design helps to provide pleasingly smooth blur, or good “bokeh”. The f/2.8 aperture, when coupled with the optical stabiliser is also ideal for fast moving action.

Advanced Focus Technology
As well as possessing a floating focus design as previously described, this lens has a Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) with full time manual focus override. This provides a near-instantaneous focus action with the ability to immediately manually override it at any time. All focusing is internal and the length of the unit does not change during focusing.

Also Compatible with APO Tele-Converter EX modes (1.4x and 2x)


Dimensions for Lenses 79.6 x 150mm
Weight (g) 1150g
Type Macro, Telephoto, Fixed Focal Length
Lens Fitting Canon EF
Filter - Size 72mm