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OpTech Dual Harness Strap black

Product Code: 5318561

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    The Dual Harness™ is a comfortable and versatile way to carry one or two cameras or binoculars. The unique U-shaped neoprene neck pad evenly distributes the weight of your gear while absorbing the shock of your movements. As the Dual Harness™ uses the 3/8" connectors, your gear remains safely in the upright position at your sides. This keeps the camera stabilised and secured within your view and grasp. By also maintaining the camera in the upright position, no stress is put on your camera, lens or shoe-mount flash units. Your cameras can be quickly and easily brought to the proper shooting position with the self-gliding connectors. Since the Dual Harness™ incorporates OP/TECH USA’s 3/8" connectors, your tripod mount is available to use for brackets and other adaptors. These connectors also make it possible to quickly switch to another OP/TECH USA neck strap when desired. The interchangeable design enables you to convert from a dual to a single shoulder sling system, and the removable chest strap gives you that extra measure of security. With your gear safely stowed, you're free to concentrate on taking the perfect photo. Available in two Sizes: Regular: 34-44" (86-112cm) Chest, or X-Long: 44-56" (112-142cm) Chest.


    • Comfortably and securely carries two cameras or binoculars
    • Quick and easy access
    • Unique pad design evenly disperses the weight and balances the gear
    • Removable chest strap adds extra support and stability
    • Easy to attach and fully adjustable with OP/TECH USA's System Connectors™
    • Interchangeable design enables the user to convert from dual to single sling system or quickly move