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Olympus TG-Tracker Action Cam in Green

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    The Olympus TG-Tracker is a super-rugged action camera for capturing high-quality stills and 4K video with full tracking data in extreme shooting situations.The TG Tracker has a detachable grip, ultra-wide angle lens, 5-axis image stabilisation and a flip-out LCD monitor – so you can easily frame and shoot blur-free, by hand, in harsh conditions.

    Go anywhere, record everything
    The Olympus TG-Tracker is ready to record in the harshest environments without added protection. It is waterproof down to 30 metres, shockproof to a height of 2.1 metres, crushproof to a weight of 100kg, dustproof and freezeproof down to -10°C.

    Unlike products with regular geotagging, the TG-Tracker can sense acceleration, altitude or depth and temperature as well as direction of movement – in addition to latitude and longitude. This gives extreme sports enthusiasts a much fuller picture of where they were, what was happening and how they were performing at the moment any given image was captured.

    High-end image quality
    The TG-Tracker includes a 5-axis image stabilisation for video with flip-out colour LCD for framing and reviewing the action. Its ultra-wide lens captures an incredible 204° field of view. The TG-Tracker records 4K video powered by the same TruePic VII image processor found in several high-end Olympus interchangeable-lens cameras.

    Underwater, the camera automatically adjusts white balance and other settings, and there is an up to 60 lumen spotlight for shooting when it would otherwise be too dark. The supplied grip extension and built-in mirror mean owners can hold their camera how they want and they make it as easy to shoot selfies or, using a compatible mount or harness, completely hands-free. Alternatively, you can operate the camera remotely from a phone with OI.Share installed, another of Olympus’ free Apps.

    Olympus Image Track software supplied
    Reviewing footage is when the TG-Tracker really comes into its own – and the images and data recorded come vividly to life, either as high-resolution 4K video on a full-size TV or on a smartphone equipped with the new version of the free Olympus OI.Track App. Transferring stills and video to the phone is simple, via Wi-Fi. OI.Track offers owners a variety of features and settings, but the most important is the option to browse images and related log data together, in split-screen mode. The log for each clip or still can be viewed from two perspectives: as a birds-eye map or as a chart plotting depth/altitude against time. By comparing past logs stored in the App, it’s easy to calculate distance covered, speed and other variables.

    At a glance:

    • Super-rugged action camera for capturing high-quality stills and 4K video with full tracking data in extreme shooting situations
    • Five sensors capture more accurate field data for a fully immersive, split-screen review/playback experience
    • Waterproof, crushproof, shockproof, freezeproof, dustproof
    • Sensors log altitude/depth, air/water temperature, acceleration, orientation, latitude and longitude
    • Acceleration sensor flags sudden changes in G force
    • Free OI.Track Ver 2.0 App displays images and data together and records log data
    • Select map and chart view
    • Ultra-wide angle Olympus lens with 204° field of view for capturing peripheral detail out of owner’s field of vision
    • Built-in spotlight (up to 60 Lumen) for shooting in dark settings
    • TruePic VII image processor from Olympus high-end cameras
    • Choice of video formats, including 1080p and 4K
    • Underwater detector automatically switches to optimal settings