• A picture of Instax SQ10 Instant Camera
  • A picture of Instax SQ10 Instant Camera
  • A picture of Instax SQ10 Instant Camera
  • A picture of Instax SQ10 Instant Camera

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Instax SQ10 Instant Camera

Product Code: 5298912

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    The flagship of the instax range, the SQ10 has been stylishly designed to be perfectly square for easy handling and precise control. It’s even ideal for selfies. It features a 3-inch LCD screen so you can edit and apply filters before printing off your memories in stylish square prints. The internal memory saves up to 50 photos and there is a microSD card slot so you can store more images. The SQ10 has plenty of creative features such as double exposure, a variety of filters, and you can shoot as close as 10cm with the Macro Mode. The SQ10 also has a digital zoom of up to 2.4x.

    Image effects
    Creating the perfect look you want has never been easier. A variety of image effects are cleverly at your fingertips, such as filters, vignettes and brightness adjustments that can be used before or after printing – whatever works for you! The SQ10 also has a variety of shooting modes, such as double exposure, so you can superimpose two different images in a single photo, and bulb exposure mode – perfect for capturing night views and lights.

    LCD Screen
    Including a LCD screen, this camera lets you have fun editing and applying filters BEFORE printing off your memories in stylish square prints – a format loved by photographers across the globe. We’ve even added a dramatic vignette option and the ability to alter the brightness of the moment you’ve just captured.

    Internal Memory
    The SQ10 also delivers an exciting range of new features such as an internal memory, where you can save up to 50 photos, and the ability to reprint as many times as you want in an iconic square format. And we’ve made room for a microSD card, so if you have a moment you’re not ready to make into reality, you can simply store and revisit it later.

    Macro Mode
    Want to capture beautiful things close up? Switch to Macro mode and bring subjects that are only 10 cm away from the lens into focus. Then snap away to your heart’s content.

    Multiple images on one print
    If you have too many pictures to choose from, simply print multiple images on to one single square-format print with thumbnail mode. Another new and exclusive feature to the SQ10. Select either four or nine images, add your creativity with a filter (there are 10 to choose from) and hit print. Your moment will be preserved for years to come on high-quality instax film that guarantees accurate colour and sharpness.

    Main features at a glance:

    • Prints iconic square format prints
    • LCD screen to allow editing before printing
    • Ten striking filters
    • Internal memory to save up to 50 photos
    • Double exposure mode to superimpose two images together
    • Exposure mode for capturing night views and lights
    • Macro mode for close-ups
    • Division mode to print multiple images on one print
    • Micro USB slot to transfer pictures between the camera and your computer
    • Space for a microSD card
    • A digital zoom of up to 2.4x
    • Stylish symmetrical design in a black and silver finish


    Auto Focus Yes
    Built in Flash Yes
    Self Timer Yes