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Hoya Pro ND 1000 Filter 58mm

Product Code: 5308318

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    The Hoya PROND1000 has a 10-stop light reduction equal to a ND optical density of 3.0. The ACCU-ND technology in the Hoya PROND filters yields a truly neutral colour balance that will not add any noticeable colour-cast to your images.

    The HOYA PROND 1000 is an extremely dark neutral density filter with a filter factor 1000. This filter factor converts to a 10 stops reduction on the amount of light entering the lens. With this extreme filter motion is greatly blurred or depending on the speed some moving subjects will disappear altogether. With a ND filter as strong as the PROND 1000 shutter speeds as slow as 16 seconds or more are possible in daylight.

    Neutral density filters are designed to reduce the amount of light entering your camera lens and should not have any other effect on the image. Reducing the amount of light allows for the use of wider apertures or slower shutter speeds for creative and dramatic effect in bright lighting conditions.


    Filter - Thread Size 58mm
    Filter - Fitting Type Screw In
    Filter - Type of Effect Neutral Density