• P121 Prof Grey Graduated 2  Product Image (Primary)
  • P121 Prof Grey Graduated 2  Product Image (Primary)
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Cokin P121 Prof Grey Graduated 2

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  • P121 Prof Grey Graduated 2  Product Image (Primary)
  • P121 Prof Grey Graduated 2  Product Image (Primary)


  • Coating: Standard
  • Fitting Type: 'P' Series Square
  • Type of Effect: Gradient

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  • Coating: Standard
  • Fitting Type: 'P' Series Square
  • Type of Effect: Gradient
    • Description

      This is a general description for the Cokin P series filters. Here we explain a bit about the system and how it works. Specific details of this individual filter can be found above.

      About Cokin filters:
      The COKIN CREATIVE FILTER SYSTEM contains a huge range of filters in many types, including; colour correction, special effects, black and white, polarising, neutral density and more...

      COKIN filters use the most advanced technologies. Many in the range are made from organic glass, which is shock proof, resistant to abrasion, and meets all necessary optical and chemical requirements. Others are made from high quality optical resin, designed to be flaw-free and of the best optical quality.

      The COKIN SYSTEM is designed for all photographers, amateur as well as professional. It is particularly quick to use and provides an economical way of building a collection of useful filters.

      For shorter focal lengths between 20-24mm or 28mm, as well as for wide angle zooms (24-50mm, 28-85mm, 35-135mm), large P series filters are strongly recommended. The P series is available to fit filter thread diameters from 48mm to 82mm, and eliminates vignetting (dark edges).

      The required ā€˜Pā€™ Series Filter Holder (Part No. 1005880) and an appropriate adapter ring (below) are available separately...

      49mm (1006039), 52mm (1006040), 55mm (1006041) 58mm (1006042), 62mm (1006044), 67mm (1006045), 72mm (1006046), 77mm (1006047), 82mm (1006048), Hasselblad Bayonet B50 (1006049) and Hasselblad Bayonet B60 (1006050)

      Please note: the different series A /P/Xpro/Zpro are not interchangeable, other than an A-P Series adapter (1006022) which allows A series filters to be used in the P series holder (for lenses with focal lengths greater than 35mm) In all other instances you must use the correct holder for the size you choose!

      Why 'square/rectangular' filters, as opposed to "screw-in"?
      • Square filter systems are particularly good value if you are likely to be investing in a number of different filters. They tend to be cheaper than "screw-in" filters, as you're not paying for a threaded ring every time, just the filter itself.
      • They are also quicker to use, as you simply slip them in and out of the holder as required, rather than having to screw them in and out (they're held in place by a light spring action).
      • The square/rectangle filter system offers a more convenient way to use multiple filters (up to 4 at a time), compared to screw-in systems.
      • Some people find the bulk of the filter holder can be annoying, especially if you're trying to fit the camera into a small holster or ever-ready case.
      • Although protective filters such as UV and Skylight are available in the Cokin series, some people prefer to use screw-in filters for protecting their lenses, as they are less bulky and easier to leave permanently in place.

      What extras do I need to use Cokin filters?
      To use them you'll need to buy a Cokin filter holder, and an adapter ring to fit your lens (if you don't already have them). Each holder can take up to 4 filters, and they're easy to swap around at any time.

    • Specifications

      Filter - Coating Standard
      Filter - Fitting Type 'P' Series Square
      Filter - Type of Effect Gradient
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