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3 Legged Thing Punks Billy Tripod Black with AirHead Neo

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    Billy is the first full carbon Punk tripod from the new range. Built everyday use, Billy is the lightest tripod in the current line up, but build to withstand every day punishment

    At Just 1.28kg/ 3lbs, Billy is the easiest tripod to transport in our range

    Topping out at 1.645m / 65 “, Billy is a tripod with a serious working height, that still extends to 1.37m/ 53.5” without the column installed, giving you a stable, workable solution in even the most difficult conditions

    Billy, like the other Punks tripods, has one or two tricks up his sleeve. A full height detachable monopod is a sought after feature for most, but the real coup d’etat is a minimum working height of just 10cm / 4 “


    Travel Ready - Billy’s legs counter fold around the column and head, enabling the user to get him down to just 46cm/18”

    Detachable Monopod - Billy , like all 3 legged Thing tripods, comes with detachable monopod leg that can also be used as a microphone or camera boom

    Max Load to Weight Ratio of 13:1 - Billy is capable of supporting loads up to 13 times his weight. With an 18kg payload, billy is one of the strongest tripods in this class

    Bubble Grips - 3 Legged Thing’s unique Bubble Grip systems provides better leverage, and greater rigidity, with smooth, easy to use mechanism

    Shaping the future - Billy has detachable rubber Bootz, which can be replaced with any of the foot accessories, for maximum stability on any terrain


    Tripod - Maximum Height 137cm
    Tripod - Max.Ht with Extended Centre Column 164.5cm
    Tripod - Closed Length 46cm
    Tripod weight 1.38kg
    Tripod - Leg Sections 4
    Tripod - Leg Diameters in mm. 23mm Max
    Tripod - Minimum Height 10cm