Olympus TG-6

The Tough TG-6 was designed to be a handy, reliable partner that is ready for the rougher parts of photographic life: It is waterproof1 to a depth of 15m, dustproof1, shockproof1 to 2.1m, crushproof1 up to 100kg, freezeproof1 to -10°C, and features a dual-pane protective glass construction for excellent anti-fogging performance. 

The renowned Olympus field sensor system makes it possible to record log data such as location, altitude/depth as well as air/water temperature while capturing still images or movies.

Tough Performance

Ultra-Bright Lens

Unrivalled Macro System

Key Features

1 Waterproof according to JIS/IEC protection class 8 (IPX8) (Olympus test conditions). Dustproof according to JIS/IEC protection class 6 (IP6X) (Olympus test conditions). Shockproof figures compliant with MIL-STD810F (Olympus test conditions). Freezeproof and crushproof according to Olympus test conditions.

2 At the wide-angle end of 25mm (35mm equivalent).

3 35mm equivalent.

Improvements for the Olympus TG-6 compared to the Olympus TG-5




AR-Coating The AR coating reduces flare at the beach, ski area No
Underwater WB New 3 types of preset WB (shallow/mid range/deep) One type
Underwater Microscope Mode Underwater photography from 1cm Underwater Macro from 10cm
Focus Stacking 3 - 10 images (selectable) 8 images (fixed)
New LCD Monitor - Resolution/Luminance 1,040,000 dot / 700 cd/m2 460,000 dot / 500 cd/m2
Digital Zoom Yes No
Date Yes No
P/A Mode / Macro AF Yes No
Circular Fisheye Configuration Yes No

Olympus TG-6

Olympus TG-6

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