Designed to meet the needs of both professional photographers and enthusiasts, OLYMPUS ZUIKO lenses were born of an uncompromising commitment to clear image quality and precision.

Their compact, lightweight design lets you expand your shooting capabilities while ensuring top-grade optical performance.

Engineered for high compact quality

Inside the high-grade construction is a sophisticated set of lenses that delivers clear photos and movies in any shooting situation. Thanks to our decades of experience, we are able to provide the most compact and lightweight camera lenses possible without compromising on high imaging quality. For instance, our advanced ZERO (ZUIKO Extra-low Reflection Optical) coating ensures brilliant photos across all focal lengths and at any aperture.

  • Sharp image quality at the corners and edges
  • High-quality craftsmanship based on years of experience
  • Stunning images thanks to exclusive ZERO coating

A focal length for any situation

Gain an easy overview of which lens is best for which shooting situation. From wide-angle to telephoto, OLYMPUS ZUIKO lenses cover everything.

Your perfect lens for any scene or subject

With more than 70 Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds lenses to choose from, you have access to the right lens for your photography style and creative visions. When combined with an OM-D or PEN, they make the most of the camera’s sophisticated technology to deliver the high image quality you expect.


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