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Creating a photo canvas

Creating a photo canvas

If you've got a special photo which you're particularly proud of - why not have it made into a canvas ready to take pride of place in your home. A canvas is a great way to show off your best shots, and what's more, nobody else will have anything quite like it, making them truly unique. You may be surprised to learn that prices for creating a canvas start from just £12.99 - and you have lots of flexibility with your creation.

Read on for some tips about creating canvases, as well as discovering more about what Jessops has to offer.

Creating a photo canvas: materials

Jessops photo canvases are printed on poly cotton canvas, using a 12-colour printing process. They are mounted on a sturdy wooden mount stretcher for a smooth and even finish.

Canvases offer an alternative to the Premium Wall Art range at an accessible price point.

Creating a photo canvas: sizes and layouts

There are a variety of ways to create your canvas, starting from just £12.99 for the smallest size available - 20 x 20cm.

The largest canvas you can order measures 100 x 150cm, and is a real show-stopper piece for your room. It costs £109.99. There are of course a range of sizes in between, so there should be something to fit any kind of space you've got.

For something which creates a high impact look, you could consider a multi panel canvas print. This splits your image into three to create a beautiful triptych effect. It works particularly well with landscape type images, and can have quite an impact - particularly in a large space.

Each individual canvas can have a variety of different layout options. For a classic look, stick with a single image. If you've got a few shots you want to include - say a number of family portraits - a multi-shot layout can work well. If you're going to go for one of these layouts, they tend to work best on larger scale canvases, rather than the smallest available.

You can add text too, in a range of sizes, fonts and colours.

Creating a photo canvas: the process

Uploading and ordering your photo canvas is a very simple process. You can order the canvas directly from the Jessops website.

First of all, you will need to select the size you want your canvas to be. You can change the size later, if you wish to. Once you've selected the size, click “Create online” to be taken to the online creation tool.

If you've already uploaded photos to Jessops before, perhaps if you've created a photo book or other print product, you can use one of your existing photos. Alternatively, it's very easy to upload another photo to use. Once you've chosen your photo, the display will tell you if the quality is “good”, “adequate”, or “poor”. This is a handy way to know if the photo you have chosen will work well when converted to a canvas print - of course you will want to aim for “good” where possible, and avoid “poor” if you can.

You can change the layout, add text, or choose a different product altogether. You can also choose to order more than one canvas, if you like. Once you're completely happy - simply click “Add to basket” to be taken to the payment page.

Delivery can be arranged to your home, but you can also have canvas prints delivered to a Jessops store for free. This is a great way to save a few pounds, especially if you're likely to be in the vicinity of a Jessops store anyway. There are lots of stores found around the UK, so check to find where your nearest one is. Different canvas sizes have different turnaround times - if you're looking for a canvas to create for a gift, it's best to order it with as much time as possible to spare.

Creating a photo canvas: top tips

Once you've decided on a photo canvas, here are some quick tips to help you get the most from your purchase.

• Consider where you're going to hang your canvas - how much space do you have, and what will be the optimum size of the canvas to fill that space. Think about more than one canvas if you have lots of space, but try to ensure the images you choose complement each other.

• Think about colour schemes and themes in your house or room - you could try and match your image colours, which is particularly doable when it comes to landscapes, still life and macro.

• Make sure your photo is a high resolution, and is sharp. Zoom into your image at 100% to make sure the details are as sharp as possible - a small screen can be a lot more forgiving than a very large canvas print.

• Check the edges of your image. Canvas prints use a 3-4cm fold around to mount it onto the wood - therefore, if there's anything at the edges of your image, you run the risk of it being cut off from view. Make sure there's nothing important in this area, sticking to images which have the main subject centered in the frame.

Which of your photos will you get printed on canvas? Let us know what you'd like to see large on your living room wall via our social media channels - Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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