Seriously Tasty Instagram Accounts

Instagram is awash with food photography – some bad, some downright average, and some which will not only have you drooling at the thought of the delicious produce on offer, but also inspire you to become a better food photographer yourself.

However, finding some of the best foodie accounts can be a bit of a chore. We’ve done the hard work for you and found five fantastic accounts to follow today – and don’t forget: if you fancy giving these guys a run for their money, read our blogpost on getting your own foodie shots Insta-ready.

Warning: you’re about to experience serious food envy, so for those with an empty stomach, please read with caution.


Chances are you’ve seen David Loftus’ photography many times before, perhaps without even realising it. The official photographer for Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks, David’s simple yet beautiful style makes his account a joy to behold. You can expect all kinds of foodie shots, from top down plates of delicious offerings to travel food photographs. If you truly want to see how the pros do it, this is the account you need to follow.


Lucia Lee has a tried and tested formula when it comes to her food photographs – but it’s a winning one. Her account, @foodminimalist, features easy-to-follow recipes which result in beautifully minimalist photographs to let her food truly shine. There’s no fussy backdrops or props to worry about; as she says so herself in the bio, expect: “a lot of things in bowls.” If you’re looking for inspiration on how to achieve great food photos without the need for complication, this is a superb account to take a look at.


Freelance food photographer, Deb Porter was shortlisted for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2017 award. We love her dreamy food style, which encompasses baking, cooking, travel, restaurants and much more. Her vibrant shots make us want to pick up our camera (as well as a knife and fork), and we just love her sophisticated style. These are the kind of shots you tend to find in beautiful cookery books and magazines, and are something we’d be keen to emulate in our own food photography.


You may remember Edd Kimber as the very first winner of the Great British Bake Off. His Instagram feed is full of beautiful baked goods, each one ridiculously mouthwatering. His photography style tends to be on the minimalist side, with neutral backgrounds highlighting the vibrancy of his cooking. Make sure you’ve had a big lunch before scrolling through this feed, as all the pictures of cakes, cookies, pastries and more are sure to have you reaching inside the snack cupboard.


Adeline Waugh’s Instagram feed is a rainbow of beautiful food shots that simply make you smile. Whether she’s focusing on fruit, baked goods or full meals, each and every shot is full of colour which really pops out of the screen. Follow this account when you need a smile on a grey day – and for inspiration on how to style your shots beyond a white plate on a white table.


Who are your favourite Instagram accounts? Share your best finds with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.Food Pho

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