How To Take Better Pictures Of Family

You want to photograph family memories to last a lifetime – so here’s our guide to getting the best shots possible…

It’s so easy to snap tons of pics these days, but when it comes to getting shots you’ll want to treasure, it pays to do a bit of prep to ensure your family album will be crammed with unforgettable images. Here’s our top 10 tips to help you achieve just that - and don’t forget to share your favourite family shots with us, via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

1. Invest in quality camera equipment

Modern smartphones are undeniably fantastic, but when it comes to the best of the best, there’s still no substitution for a dedicated camera. Luckily the choice, and range of price points has never been beter, so you should be able to find something to suit your budget. Most cameras have much larger sensors than phones, especially when it comes to interchangeable lens cameras, and these are more likely to result in higher quality images. If you haven’t got one yet, invest in your first DSLR or compact system camera for upgraded image quality, creative options and maximum flexibility.

2. Consider your composition

Many of us have a tendency to snap away without giving too much thought to composition, especially as there’s no limit on how many digital files we take. However, if you slow it down a little and pay close attention to what is and isn’t in the frame, you find your “hit rate” increases. That’s true for all genres, but especially for family photography where it’s important to capture winning moments.

3. Use the right camera settings

You can have exactly the right composition, but with the wrong camera settings, it’s also easy to miss the shot. Of course, settings will change depending on the situation. But as a rule of thumb…

• For portraits, shoot with a wide aperture, a fast shutter speed and as low an ISO as possible. 

• If you’re shooting in lower light (even at home), don’t be afraid to increase the ISO speed to capture the moment. 

• Pay attention to white balance settings when shooting under artificial lights. 

• Shooting in raw format helps to make post-production adjustments easier, using software such as Photoshop, and is recommended where at all possible.

4. Take more than one shot

This is especially true for group shots – don’t just take one shot and assume that you’ve got it, when actually one member of the family was blinking, another was looking the other way, and a third was about to sneeze! Take a quick succession, and one of them will be a keeper.

5. Get your best pictures printed

These days we take more photos than ever, but many are forgotten on hard drives and memory cards that may be lost, damaged or destroyed over the years. Once you’ve perfected the art of family photography, get the best shots printed as a simple print, a photo book, or even on a personalized cushion! There’s something for everyone with our range of Jessops Photo products.

What are your best tips for taking brilliant family photos? Share your best shots and advice with us on our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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