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The Five Best Hikes For Photography

Winter is the perfect season to get outside for a refreshing stroll with your camera to add some beautiful landscapes to your portfolio.

We're extremely fortunate in the UK to be surrounded by gorgeous vistas that look good no matter what the season. You might be lucky enough to capture a snowscape this year, but even the low winter sun provides opportunities for capturing striking golden light, making a crisp walk a joy to behold.

There are hundreds of different walks you could take, but we've chosen five of our favourites to give you some inspiration. Feel free to share your best shooting locations with us, as well as your best shots!

1. Tintern Abbey and the Wye Valley, Wales

The beautiful Tintern Abbey is a ruined monastery close to the English and Welsh border. Surrounded by the Wye Valley, a long walk around this area is guaranteed to result in some picturesque shots. A particular highlight is Devil's Pulpit, a limestone rock that sticks out from the cliffs to give a marvellous view of the Abbey. A sprinkling of snow in the depths of winter gives the view a very festive look.

2. Beachy Head, England

This location is popular for its spectacular scenery and there are a variety of different walking routes around Beachy Head in the South Downs. If you're lucky, you'll also spot some great wildlife, plus some interesting architecture and locations. Frame up some stunning shots by visiting the cliffs at sunrise or sunset.

3. Yorkshire, England

Follow one of the many paths of the Yorkshire Dales and you'll be handsomely rewarded with beautiful scenery, native wildlife and a wealth of waterfalls and architecture. In winter, lone trees against the sprawling Dales make for iconic shots. Be sure to include highlights such as Aysgarth Falls, Hardraw Force, Buckden Pike and the River Wharfe on your route.

4. Lake District, England

In the Lake District, there are hundreds of different hikes - it's one of the best areas in the UK to get classic landscape shots. This means a huge variety of different photo opportunities, encompassing sights like waterfalls, stately homes and the lakes themselves. Hike up a mountain with your tripod to capture some of England's finest views - the panoramas of Scafell Pike (England's tallest mountain), Buttermere and Greendale and Middle Fell are especially breathtaking.

5. Loch Lomond, Scotland

This beautiful Scottish environment will provide you with superb photographic opportunities. You can enjoy wonderful views over valleys and lochs, spectacular fauna and unique sights of the highlands and islands. You'll even find some gorgeous architectural highlights, such as The Three Bridges of Callandar. Explore the surrounding paths to take in locations like Sron a' Chlachain, Acharn Forest and Beinn Mhor.

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