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Shoot the Planets

Once the total lunar eclipse has passed on Friday, there’s another celestial event a few hours behind it. On the same night, Mars is in opposition and, with the right kit, you can see the ‘Red Planet’ like never before.

Shoot the Lunar Eclipse

As celestial events go, a total lunar eclipse knows how to dazzle, and the best news is, there’s one passing this way at about 9pm on 27 July. Make sure you’re ready!

Shoot the Moon

The moon has fascinated mankind for as long as we’ve been able to see it. From religious symbols to playthings on birthday cards, the moon and its iconic stages have come to mean all sorts of things. Making it a part of your composition can add a focal point to a night scene, or a touch of drama in a composite image. Unleash your creativity and anything is possible.

Beach Photography

Heading to the beach this summer? Don’t forget your camera (or your drone). Whether you want to shoot landscapes, portraits or candid close-ups, the beach offers all sorts of photo opportunities… as well as some unique challenges.

How I shot it... two jays coming in to land

Stuart Fish won our photo competition in June 2018, with his shot of two jays coming in to land. Here, Stuart shares how he got the shot, the settings he used and his tips for capturing wildlife.

Top 5 foodie Instagram accounts you should be following

Instagram is awash with food photography – some bad, some downright average, and some which will not only have you drooling at the thought of the delicious produce on offer, but also inspire you to become a better food photographer yourself.

Top 10 Photo Projects to try with your kids

If you’ve got a passion for photography, chances are your children will want to get involved too. Whether you want to give your kids their own camera or let them use yours, there’s plenty of project ideas you can try out with them (under close supervision, of course).

5 ways to capture better pictures of your family

It’s so easy to snap tons of pics these days, but when it comes to getting shots you’ll want to treasure, it pays to do a bit of prep to ensure your family album will be crammed with unforgettable images.

5 Of The Best Countryside Hikes For Photographers

Winter is the perfect season to get outside for a refreshing stroll with your camera to add some beautiful landscapes to your portfolio. We're extremely fortunate in the UK to be surrounded by gorgeous vistas that look good no matter what the season. You might be lucky enough to capture a snowscape this year...

5 Things You Need To Improve Your Night Photography

In winter, there's an abundance of dark rather than abundance of light - but that doesn't have to restrict your shooting hours. The world looks very different at night and you may find things that appear quite mundane in the daylight hours are far more intriguing in the shadows. Cities and architecture are classic examples of this, where interesting illumination hits the buildings as the sun goes down.

Winter Macro Tips: How To Capture The Season In Detail

Your first instinct might be to stay warm when a cold snap hits. However, some of the most intriguing close-ups can be found when the temperature dips. Frost highlights and contours patterns and foliage on the ground providing a wealth of decent subjects. You don't even have to venture very far - it's highly likely that you'll find a bit of natural spectacle to photograph in your own garden.

How To Capture The Best Family Moments This Christmas

This time of year is the ideal opportunity to capture your precious family moments - everybody's together and, hopefully in the festive spirit and ready to be photographed. As a photographer, you'll often find you're in charge of the family photos - but it can be a tricky task to get right.

How To Capture The Best Family Moments This Christmas

This time of year is the ideal opportunity to capture your precious family moments - everybody's together and, hopefully in the festive spirit and ready to be photographed. As a photographer, you'll often find you're in charge of the family photos - but it can be a tricky task to get right.

2 Photography Projects To Start This Christmas

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean that your camera should get any less of a workout. In fact, the dark nights, twinkling lights, reunions with family members and more all make for the perfect subject.

Photographing Fireworks

Bonfire night offers the perfect challenge, as the skies are illuminated with the stunning colours and patterns of fireworks from public displays. Capturing these lights at their best can be tricky, so here's how to get superb shots that are sure to impress.

Creating A Photo Canvas

If you've got a special photo which you're particularly proud of - why not have it made into a canvas ready to take pride of place in your home. A canvas is a great way to show off your best shots, and what's more, nobody else will have anything quite like it, making them truly unique. You may be surprised to learn that prices for creating a canvas start from just £12.99 - and you have lots of flexibility with your creation.

Rainy Day Photography

When the weather turns a little inclement, it can be easy to assume that it's time to put the camera away. However, if you get a little creative, there are plenty of things you can photograph if the weather threatens to spoil your day. Here are a few ideas to think about next time you see those pesky rain clouds gathering on the horizon.

Creating A Holiday Photobook

These days, we take more pictures than ever before. How many of your favourite pictures are actually printed as a physical copy though? Instead, they sit languishing on our hard drives and phones, sometimes never to see the light of day again. Creating a photobook is a fantastic way to preserve your memories for generations to come, giving you a fantastic memento of a wonderful trip away and giving you something to sit proudly on your shelf.

Boat Photography Tips for Beginners

Boats are a great subject to photograph - they're attractive, evoke a sense of adventure and freedom, and can generally be found in abundance if you know where to look. They're also a great subject for beginners to photograph, as it can be quite a forgiving subject. If you're not sure where to begin, have a look at our tips to help you get started.

Easy Street Photography Tips

Street photography for beginners is one of the most compelling subjects you can get involved with, and the good news is that you don’t need much to get started with – just some bravery and a good eye. Subjects are always to be found, and you can even curate a long-term project once you get into it. Here’s a few simple and quick tips for easy street photography

Black & White Photography Tips

Black and white photography is all about paying particular attention to lines, curves, contrast and form. It’s an intriguing genre of photography that has appealed to many photographers throughout the ages. It’s often seen as more artistic than colour photography, and it’s certainly a different way to look at the world.

Wildlife Photography Tips

Wildlife photography is a hugely popular genre, with hundreds of beautiful and varied different subjects to choose from. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to go f ar to find some local wildlife to capture on camera – giving you the opportunity to hone your technique regularly, and hopefully produce some stunning animal photography shots.

Animal Photography Tips

From dogs and cats to a day at the zoo, animal photography is a great subject to point your camera at. Maybe you’ve thought about giving wildlife photography a go, but want to start with a subject that’s a little closer to home. If you’ve got an animal at home, pet photography is a great way to get started with animal photography. Alternatively, taking a trip to a zoo or safari park can yield some wonderful subjects. There are some things to think about when tackling this diverse subject – we’ve laid out some tips for anyone who wants to give it a go.

Family Portrait Tips

Great ideas to help with your family photography. As a photographer, one of the most obvious subjects to point your camera at is your own family. After all, being on hand to document family life is one of the key reasons why people buy cameras in the first place. You may also find you’re asked to take pictures for friends and extended family.

Car Photography Tips

Car photography is often viewed as one of the most thrilling and exciting genres to shoot. Although you may not necessarily have access to supercars worth more than your house, you can still have fun experimenting with this subject – even if it’s just taking pics of your family car. Here we offer some advice on how to get started with creative car photography.

Architecture Photography Tips

Architecture photography is one of the easiest subjects to get started with – simply because of the abundance of available objects to point your lens at! Buildings don’t move, they’re always there, and you don’t necessarily need the right weather conditions to get started. That said, there are plenty of factors which separate humdrum architectural photography from striking images. Here we take a look at some tips to get you started with this intriguing subject.

10 Steps to Super Selfies

Firstly, make sure you're properly lined up in your shot. A camera with a front-facing flip-out screen is useful here, so you can frame your photo before you press the shutter button. Try to use the rule of thirds to line up your main area of focus (we're guessing this'll be your face) and leave enough space to see what's going on in the background - especially if you're shooting a selfie in a special location.

Drone Photography Tips

Drones are big news at the moment. Time was that if you wanted to take an aerial shot, you had to hire a helicopter and take photos from the passenger seat. These days, you can pick up a drone at a range of prices that open up a whole world of aerial photography opportunities. As a result, there a lot more landscape photographs which are taken from the air. If you’ve been considering going for a drone, or perhaps you’ve already bought one and are feeling a little “now what?”, here are some simple tips to help you get the most from your new flying friend.

Take better photos of Winter Landscapes

The basic principles of landscape photography remain the same all year round, whatever the weather: frame up your shot properly, add foreground interest, and use the Rule of Thirds to place subjects within the frame… but there are some specific steps that – if followed – will make shooting winter landscapes easier and more enjoyable.

Make Better YouTube Videos

Want to be a YouTube megastar? Us too. Here are the basic principles of getting your videos looking and sounding top notch.

Flower Photography Tips

Flowers are one of the most popular subjects that us photographers enjoy pointing our lenses at. This colourful and abundant subject can be hugely diverse, with so much opportunity to take vibrant macro shots often practically on our doorstep. In this post, we’ll take a look at some close up photography ideas to help get you started with this most beautiful of opportunities.

Milky Way Photography Tips

Some of the most beautiful landscape images you’ll see will be filled with a swathe of stars from the Milky Way. These night-time images are gorgeous and ethereal, but can be a little tricky to capture without the right techniques.

Cycling Photography Tips

Cycling photography is one of the most challenging, but also most rewarding, genres of photography. A single cycling event can throw up a wealth of different challenges, giving you scope to capture a whole host of varied shots for your portfolio. Knowing where to begin with cycling photography can be a little tricky though, so we’ve come up with some beginner friendly tips to help you, whether you’re heading to the velodrome, a road race or just your local park.

New Photo Projects

The start of a new year is a great excuse to kick off a project or creative endeavour - so if you're setting goals and intentions for the twelve months ahead, your photography should definitely be included in your resolutions.

Introducing Sony Full Frame Cameras

Masters of Full Frame. Meet the Full-Frame, Palm-Sized a Series, for portability and capability in one compact body.

Take the Best Portrait

Discover Sony's portrait lenses for your Alpha E-mount cameras

Travel Photography Tips

In order to get the most from your travel photography, you need to make sure you’re equipped with the right gear – discover the essentials in our guide. Travel photography is one of the most popular subjects. With a world of exciting travel photo opportunities out there, exactly what kind of kit do you need to capture the best shots?

Get outside for Portrait Perfection

Spring means warmer weather – and more daylight means more chance to work on your people pictures. Grab a willing model and get out there!

Taking care of Audio

The latest Olympus LS Pocket audio recorders have been designed with filmmakers in mind, and they’re super compact, fit neatly on the top of selected cameras and deliver awesome audio quality. Here are some tips on taking care of audio.

Beautiful Bokeh Photography

Brighten up your portraits this winter with colourful street light bokeh! When we talk about portrait photography we often discuss how best to use natural light, for example using the sun as a backlight. Here, we’ve got an alternative technique that involves shooting in the evening and using street lights instead of the sun.

Portrait Photography Tips

Think you're ready to take the next step with your people pictures? Here's how you can take perfect portraits. If you've noticed yourself taking more and more images of people, and turning your camera on your loved ones rather than a location then congratulations: it sounds like you're a portrait photographer at heart. Portraits are one of the most basic forms of photography - it tends to be a rule that if a person's in a picture, then it's considered a portrait - but that doesn't make them easy. However, we want to help you take your new interest further: read on to find out more…

Landscape Photography Tips

Love landscapes? Here's everything you need to know to capture stunning scenes on camera. Landscapers are a very specific breed of photographer. Often content to spend hours waiting on hillsides for ideal light conditions, a fan of landscape can be known to plot holidays around iconic locations, and thinks nothing of trudging for hours - often with a very understanding loved one in tow - over hill and dale to reach the perfect spot to take a single shot from. If this has you nodding in agreement, then congratulations: it looks as though you might be a landscaper lover.

Photo Bucket List

Everyone's got one: a secret list of photographic hot spots or happenings that they'd love to shoot for themselves. Whatever genre you prefer to shoot, we can all agree that there are some sights that are absolutely guaranteed to both raise your camera and your spirits. Are any of our picks on your list?

Summer Sports Photography

Love life on the sidelines? Prefer getting covered in mud to staying home in the dry? Lost count of the long lenses on your wishlist? You're more than likely a sports photographer at heart: here are our pointers for getting your photos onto the podium.

Wildlife Photography Tips

Wildlife aficionados love nothing more than spending their weekends huddling in hides, waiting for a rare bird to pop up in front of their lens - or crouching in the undergrowth, holding their breath as a stag steps into view. It's also a game of chance: quite often you'll return home with an empty memory card, having seen nothing at all. If despite this, you're still set on critter pictures, then we reckon you might be wild about wildlife. And if so, we're ready to help you take the next step with your photo-taking!

Make the most of Winter

Winter's here, and with it comes a host of photographic opportunities that you just can't get at any other time of year. The days might be shorter, but the light we do get is exquisite - creating sparkling winter wonderlands that are just too beautiful to resist.

Get started with Drone Photography

We run through everything you need to get amazing aerial shots with a drone. Some of the most exciting developments in photography today are happening in the world of drones. More and more photographers are sending cameras into the sky on the backs of a few slim, plastic rotors, and the results they're getting are just completely awesome.

7 Things Mirrorless Cameras Do Better Than an iPhone

iPhones might be good for quick snaps on the go, but when you're taking pictures that matter, there's nothing quite like a proper camera. Here's seven reasons why you should make the switch and start carrying a mirrorless

Thoughtful Photo Gifts

Does the struggle to pick the perfect gift stress you out? Can frantic festive shopping make you break out in a sweat? If you've got seasonalitis caused by the onset of Christmas shopping and are desperate to give gifts which actually mean something to the recipient, don't fret: we've got a selection of of photogift solutions to solve your winter woes. And you've still got plenty of time to get creative!

Take better photos of Christmas food

'Tis the season for eating until your new festive pyjamas burst at the seams - and with all that additional deliciousness around, the winter holidays are the perfect time of year for trying your hand at a little food photography. Follow our 10 servings of advice and you'll be left with beautiful foodie shots to upload for some seasonal Insta-boasting.

Blossom Photography Tips

The start of Spring sees trees and hedgerows burst into life with beautiful blossom, and the longer days provide us with even more opportunity to get outside and enjoy capturing this seasonal spectacle on camera. But how do you make the most of these delicate blooms while they last? We’ve got advice for you on great blossom photography – read on for our tips!

Sunset Photography Tips

If you’re holidaying in a beautiful spot that you’d like to record for posterity or just have a special place nearby, the first step to ensure you capture a gorgeous photo of the sun setting is by planning ahead. Get your equipment ready – camera, charged battery, wide-angle lens, tripod – and maybe do a recce to frame up your shots ahead of the crucial moments when the sky looks at its best.

Water Drop Photos

When April showers start to pour, that doesn't mean your photography has to stop. There are plenty of projects you can shoot at home - so we're going to experiment with water drop photography at home. A simple set-up can yield some fascinating and unusual results, with each frame unique. And most importantly, it's a lot of fun!

How to Photograph the Night Sky

We run through the best ways to photograph the moon, the stars, and the amazing astro events that take place above our heads. With the nights drawing in, and the record breaking supermoon expected to peak on November 14th, it's a perfect time to get out into the dark with your camera and capture some fantastic shots of the night sky. We've put together a quick guide to help you get started.

Steps to shooting superb snowdrops

TWinters in the UK can be long, cold and harsh - particularly if you're a fan of picture-taking. In the real depths of the chilly season you'd be forgiven for feeling as though spring was never going to turn up... and then, out of nowhere, vast swathes of snowdrops pop up out of leaf-strewn woodland and give us all a sign that the warmer weather is just around the corner!

Stargazing Tips

Winter is one of the best times for stargazing, not only does the sun set earlier meaning the night sky arrives quicker, but there's also the opportunity to spot meteor showers. Of course you won't want to miss these spectacles and we've got a wide range of telescopes to help you with your space quest.

How to capture your dog on camera

Ahead of Crufts, we’re sharing our top tips to help improve your pooch portraits and take better photos of your dog – so grab your camera and your four-legged friend and let’s get creative!

Shooting Spring with Compact Cameras

Armed with a compact camera, and want to capture the beauty of the new season? There's nothing to stop you! Here are three tips to get you thinking creatively about your picture-taking and help you make the most of the warmer weather on the way.

Photo Resolutions for the New Year

The start of a new year is a great time to kick off resolutions - but we're not interested in whether you're trying to lose weight, or spend more time with your favourite people - we're keen for you to set yourself some photography-related promises that'll see you taking even better pictures by the end of the coming twelve months. Here are our suggestions for photo resolutions - if we've missed out yours, tweet us or post it on our Facebook page!

Steps to shooting frosty mornings

Let's set the scene. You've opened the curtains and spotted a stunning sunrise or frosty landscape. Congratulations! First, check your watch: have you got enough time to head out on a proper excursion to your favourite shooting spot, or do you only have a tiny window to hit the back garden? Make a plan and stick to it to make the most of your available hours.

Photography tips for absolute Beginners

If you've recently unwrapped a camera, congratulations! Welcome to the exciting world of photography. We've got plenty in store to help you take your pictures to the next level and our Academy team will be on hand as soon as you're ready to learn more - but right now, there's lots you can be doing to get going with this exciting new creative pursuit!

How to take better holiday photos

Hopefully, at some point in the summer months you'll be packing up and heading off to distant, sunny climates - but how do you keep yourself photographically amused while you're out there? Fear not: we're on hand with photo projects, ideas and inspiration to keep you and your camera occupied while everyone sunbathes - and to ensure that you come home with your best ever holiday photos.

Make your Holiday Memories last

Don't leave your holiday photos trapped on your computer - make something special with them over at Jessops Photo! Here's a few ideas to get those memories making you happy all year round.

Bluebell Photography Tips

Get out and about with your camera to do some bluebell photography: one of nature’s most stunning seasonal subjects. Bluebell photography should be possible near you because they are so abundant in the UK that no matter where you live, you should be able to find some beautiful examples of these woodland flowers. Only appearing for a few weeks, this yearly favourite for photographers gives you the opportunity to experiment with lots of different photographic techniques. Here are a few ideas and tips to get you started with this gorgeous floral subject.

Firework Photography Tips

Fireworks are not only spectacular and beautiful to watch - they also make fantastic subjects for photographs. Capturing those explosions of colour on camera is no easy feat, but if you follow these simple steps and give it a go, you might just be blown away by your results.

School Photography Tips

Ah, September: fresh pencil cases, shiny shoes, and possibly even a brand new school to start at. Most of us associate this time of year with heading back into the classroom, especially if you're a parent with a young person at home, and there's no question that this - especially their first ever day of education - is a moment that's worth capturing. So how do you do it justice? Never fear: we're here with some creative ideas for portraits, projects and more to make sure those school days are properly registered and you know exactly how to take your best ever back-to-school photo.

Macro Photography Tips

One of the real joys of photography is in revealing the tiny textures and colours found in smaller subjects: yes, we're talking about marvellous macro or close-ups that capture hidden beauties, normally not spottable by the human eye. And what-s particularly great about macro is that you can indulge in this subject whatever the weather. So let-s get started!

Fashion Photography Tips

Want to get into fashion? To celebrate London Fashion Week we sat down with Jay McLaughlin, professional fashion photographer, and asked him for his advice on getting started in this exciting and creative style of picture-taking.

Shoot High Speed Water

If you find yourself stuck for something to do on a drizzly weekend, there's little more fun than messing around with some high-speed water photography and the stunning splashes that result. All you need is your camera, a glass, some coloured water, a background and an off-camera flash - oh - and a paddling pool or two.

Take awesome cake photos

Love cakes? Inspired by the Great British Bake Off? Here's how you can capture your showstoppers on camera and record them for posterity

Wedding Photography Tips

The compulsion to take our "proper" camera along to a wedding is a strong one, yet turning up with tripod in hand and fully-charged flashgun isn't the way to go about it. If you're heading to a celebration this summer, here's how you can have fun on the big day, take some great shots, and end the evening with everyone still smiling.

How to take your camera to a festival

Chances are, the summer months will see you pack your bags, grab your besties and head to an outdoor celebration of music, art and theatrical spectaculars: festivals have come a long way in the last few years and they're definitely no longer just for kids. The majority of festivals and outdoor events offer plenty to tempt the keen photographer: stunning art installations, small and large-scale gigs, fireworks, costumes - but how on earth do you take your camera along for the ride without risking life and lens?

Print your summer for free

At Jessops, we're big believers in actually printing your photos. All too many of us get back from holiday, stick all the pictures on our laptop's hard drive and then... just forget about them.

10 Indoor Photo Project Ideas

Has rain stopped play? Are you stuck inside with your nose pressed against the glass? Never fear: we,re here with a whole heap of project ideas to keep you and your camera occupied until the sun comes out again.

Shooting Snow Tips

Has rain stopped play? Are you stuck inside with your nose pressed against the glass? Never fear: we,re here with a whole heap of project ideas to keep you and your camera occupied until the sun comes out again.

Take your Personal Best Selfie

Action fans, runners, cyclists and adventurers - we know you love sharing your achievements, so here's how to make sure that shot of you crossing the finish line is on point. Memorise this guide and your trophy room walls will thank you for it.

Cold Weather Photography Tips

How to keep your kit safe and take better pictures during the winter months - now you've got no excuse not to be outside taking pictures. Here in the UK we've been experiencing a rather warm winter, which has meant our cameras haven't been exposed to the chilly conditions they'd normally face at this time of year. However: as they say in the North, winter IS coming - so get ready for whatever this season's about to throw at us with these wintery tips for photo success.a

Canon Mirrorless Cameras: the perfect Travel Companion

Whether you’re looking for a compact alternative to your DSLR or the perfect all-rounder, a Mirrorless Camera is the ideal travel companion for capturing every moment that matters.

13 Spooky Steps to your best ever Photos

Planning a fright night of intricate costumes, sugary sweets and good old-fashioned spooky fun for Halloween? You’ll want to capture pictures of your guests and visitors – here are our 13 steps to chilling captures and petrifying photos!