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The RX100 Series by Sony

The RX100 Series by Sony - be prepared to take the perfect picture. At any time.
Professional results, pocket-sized

For many photography enthusiasts, it is essential to always be ready to capture the perfect image even when they unexpectedly come across an impressive scene. However, the accustomed system camera gear might not always be on hand.

The solution is a camera compact enough to be alyways carried with you and at the same time giving you the maximum of creative freedom accompanied with the highest image quality possible.

To help you experience these real joys of photography, the RX100 series aims to redefine the compact camera. With a large 1 inch image sensor and a large-aperture lens that produces beautiful background or foreground defocus and stunning resolution, the camera manages to deliver big results in a pocket-sized frame. By focusing on getting every last detail just right, the RX100 series delivers pocket-sized professional performance.

Sony's RX100 III: Perfection in your pocket
One-of-a-kind performance, all-in-one convenience.
1 inch image sensor

The image sensor is core to the performance of a camera system: the larger the sensor, the better the light gathering performance. This allows you to capture more detail in the shadows and low-light situations with less noise, leading to greater image quality and creative freedom.

The RX100 III uses a large one inch sensor, which also enables you to apply a more sophisticated image composition, e.g. employing a shallower depth of field similar to system cameras.

Exmor R Sensor technology

The 20 MP 1.0"-type Exmor R back-illuminated CMOS sensor ensures bright, clear detail in all your photos and video. Sony's special back-illuminated design permits four times better light capture compared to standards sensors by moving light-blocking wire circuitry to the back side of the sensor. Additionally, the extended ISO sensitiviy range from 80 - 25600 makes this setup ideal for photographers who want to capture the genuine atmosphere of available light scenes without using the flash.

Outstanding image quality with ZEISS heritage

The cameras of the RX100 series all use bright, wide aperture ZEISS lenses (e.g. the RX100 III features a 24-70mm* Lens with F1.8-2.8), meaning you can get creative with striking DSLR-style portraits with defocused backgrounds.

Manually set the F-Stop or aperture on your camera in order to play with the depth of field for creative shooting just like you are used to with your system camera.The bright lens not only provides great low light performance, but also enables the use of faster shutter speeds (RX100 - RX100 III: 1/2000; RX100 IV and RX100 V: 1/32000).

The Vario-Sonnar T* 24-70mm F1.8-2.8 lens provides great flexibility - letting this premium digital camera shoot wide, close, and with convenient zoom. With the minimum focus range - 5 cm (W) to 0.3 m (T) it has even great macro possibilities.

* 35mm equivalent

ZEISS T* coating

The ZEISS T* multi-layer coating on the lens surface which is designed to drastically reduce unwanted light reflection inside the lens to minimise ghost and flare that would affect image quality in bright conditions.

Electronic viewfinder

The RX100 III (as well as RX100 IV and RX100 V) comes with a high contrast OLED viewfinder for unrivaled resolution, contrast and tone. This makes the cameras ideal for shooting in bright sunlight and ensuring the perfect composition and framing of your shot.

The OLED viewfinder automatically turns on as you bring it up to your eye for simple and easy operation and adds another way to control your photography.

The OLED viewfinder is retractable, meaning when you've finished using the camera, it neatly folds back into the body of the camera, so it's still very compact and easily fits back in your pocket.

DSLR-style control

Take DSLR-style control of your RX camera thanks to a wide array of customisable control rings and assignable buttons to recall your most used settings.

All RX100 series models feature a manual lens control ring along the lens barrel. This allows for quick and easy access to manually change features like aperture, shutter speed, ISO levels and zoom, giving you intuitive control over your photography. Shoot in JPEG for file size and convenience, whilst capturing RAW images at the same time for uncompressed, high quality images.

Taking it one step further: RX100 IV and RX100 V
RX100 IV: Pocket size. Superspeed potential.

In addition to the RX100 III, the successor RX100 IV comes with a stacked Exmor sensor which permits even more advanced features like the Anti-Distortion Shutter with a stunning shutter speed of up to 1/32000 sec., up to 16fps continuos shooting without blackout, 40x super video slow motion and 4K video shooting.

RX100 V: Amazing autofocus speed, compact design

Do you want 24fps continuous shooting and 0.05sec autofocus to capture even the fastest subjects?

The RX100 V has the world's fastest autofocus* and continuous shooting in a compact camera. This is the ultimate camera for capturing moves and stills in captivating detail.

* Among fixed lens digital cameras with 1.0-type sensor, as of Oct. 2016 press release, based on Sony research.