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Polaroid OneStep 2

In 2008 the much loved Polaroid brand shut their doors to instant film, and it wasn't long after, that Impossible stepped in and bought the last remaining factory before it closed its doors forever. They were left with no formulas and no machinery intact, so it seemed as though their hopes for keeping instant photography alive were going to be impossible. 8 years on, they had achieved just that, and released their first new instant camera, the I-1.

Now it's 9 years on and Impossible have just announced something quite special. Rebranding themselves as Polaroid Originals, they have just released a new camera, the OneStep 2.

When I first laid eyes on the new camera, it took me straight back to my 11th birthday when I received the OneStep 600 Express as a gift from my parents. I remember taking it to my birthday party that evening at a bowling alley and photographing absolutely everything I could.

Just holding this camera brings back so many fond memories, like that one, and it was the anticipation of watching the film develop into a photograph right before your eyes that got me hooked on photography.

It's that excitement of being able to watch the magic unfold that I really miss from shooting digital. So when I heard that Impossible were rebranding themselves as Polaroid Originals and releasing the OneStep 2, of course I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

The design for me is a classic, keeping in theme with their Supercolour 1000 Land camera from the 1970's. Its eye catching and retro, and I absolutely love it!

One of the major changes Polaroid have made to this camera is the way it's powered. Originally, the battery used to be housed inside the film packs rather than the camera itself, but now the OneStep 2 has a rechargeable battery encased in its body. So you will need to remember to plug it in via USB to charge before you are wanting to use it.

Once the camera was fully charged I was able to load in the film. As easy to do as it ever was, just slide the latch on the front of the camera to release the bottom, where you can then slide in the film cartridge. Insert the film with the writing facing upwards and the foil tab pointing out of the camera towards you. Click the film into place and close it back up. Once this is done (and if the film is loaded properly) the front sheet will pop out and you are ready to shoot!

Along with the new camera, Polaroid have also released a new series of film. Polaroid Originals film is available in colour or black and white and compatible with both the Polaroid 600 and I type cameras. One thing I really love about this new film, is that it only takes 15 minutes for the colour to fully develop, which is a vast improvement over the 45 minutes you previously would've had to be patiently waiting. As I wanted to really make my images stand out, I opted for the colour film with coloured borders as the first new film I shot with. It was a great choice and really contrasted with the arcade and seafront scenery from the day.

In the last few years other manufacturers have released their own versions of instant cameras, but if you're looking for an authentic retro camera then the Polaroid Original OneStep 2 is just that. For me, it's like owning a part of history and they are such a fantastic way to play around with photography.

When I look at a Polaroid photograph, it's like a flashback to the past and a perfect size of image to capture and hold those precious moments in time.