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Take the best sports and wildlife shots with Sony's G-series

Take the best sports and wildlife shots with Sony's G-series
Full frame lenses FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS and FE 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G OSS by Sony

Wildlife, sports, travel - there's no end of reasons to invest in a great telephoto zoom lens. Both telephoto zooms give you the extraordinary resolution of Sony G Series lenses, plus beautiful bokeh. Superb image stabilization is built-in, along with fast, precise autofocus.

These lenses are what you are looking for when you are out in the wild or at a sports event

Sports and wildlife subjects have one thing in common: there is no second chance for your best shot. Unlike a model in a studio, athletes hardly will reenact this decisive moment they just went through in front of your lens.

Even less will the wild animal you have been sitting on watch for the whole morning. This is why you need equipment you can absolutely rely on.

Optimum sharpness and bokeh in one lens

After you have captured an impressive subject, you might want to print it in large scale. Therefore you will need the best image quality and sharpness possible to make it a truly outstanding image.

For this purpose the SEL70200G+ and SEL70300G offer aspherical elements, ED glass and Nano AR coating which work together in an advanced optical design to deliver high resolution throughout the entire image at all focal lengths.

A nine-blade circular aperture extends the lens's expressive capabilities by contributing to gorgeous background bokeh with natural highlights.

+ Precision AA (advanced aspherical) elements, super ED glass

Lightweight mobility and smooth control

Timing is crucial. For you to anticipate the best shot, but also for your equipment to get the subject quickly and precisely in focus.

TheSEL70200G supports you with its fast and precise dual linear motors. Both lenses have quiet and fluid movement which is perfect for shooting fast-paced action, or whenever changing focus quickly and often. The use of an internal focusing group, rather than a moving front lens element, makes for a compact design that works well with accessories like lens hoods and polarizing filters.

Shooting outdoors requires that you are mobile and are not impeded by the weigth of your equipment. Additionally, you have to be able to operate your gear quickly and efficiently, since you don't want to miss a key moment.

Both lenses are compact, lightweight full-frame E-mount zoom lens which maximizes mobility as well as balance with a7 series bodies. Internal focusing is an advantage too, maintaining constant lens length for better all-around handling. All controls, including focus hold and focus range limiter switches, have been designed for intuitive operation so the user can concentrate on the image+.

Always sharp and clear

Built-in Optical SteadyShot image stabilization compensates for camera shake that can blur images when shooting handheld. Sharp, clear telephoto shots are easier to achieve, and scens in dim lighting can be captured without the need to boost ISO sensitivity and risk increased noise.