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Capture your Christmas with a #JessopsElfie

Hi, I'm Elfis, Jessops' Christmas Elf! This festive period, I'm looking for a Jessops Head Elf to help Santa and I deliver all our Christmas gifts.

If you think you've got what it takes, I'd love you to capture a special Christmas selfie - an Elfie. Share it with me to be in with a chance of winning a range of cracking prizes, including a family trip to Lapland with all the trimmings!

First things first…

Five steps to taking the best Elfie
1. Check your background

When taking your Elfie, make sure there's nothing distracting in the background of your shot. Watch out for other people walking by, trees sticking out of your head, or anything which might otherwise clash with your portrait.

2. Consider the lighting

Consider using the flash if the light is low, but be careful to avoid overly harsh or bright light. If you're taking your Elfie in the daytime, think about how the natural light works for your self-portrait - watch out for harsh shadows across your face, and place the sun behind your head for a "glow".

3. Choose your angle

There are a few flattering angles you can choose for the perfect Elfie. For instance, hold the camera in front of you, slightly elevated, but pointing down towards your face. And try holding your chin up and tilting your head to get a look you're happy with.

4. Smile!

I'm looking for happy elves, so this isn't a time for the moody and mysterious look. A natural, happy expression always looks wonderful in selfies - and don't be afraid to show a little Christmas cheer.

5. Take a few

When taking your Elfie, be sure to snap a few different shots. This will give you plenty of choices when it comes to selecting the best one to send us - and helps to compensate for any closed eyes, missed expressions or somebody else accidentally walking into your shot!

How to get involved with the Elfie campaign

There are a few ways you can get involved with this year's Elfie campaign.

Once you've taken the perfect 'Elfie', share it with me across Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #JessopsElfie.

Look out for the elf cut-outs in our stores across the country too.

What can you win with your Elfie?

My favourite Elfies will be displayed on Jessops' social media channels and take pride of place on the Jessops website.

The title of Jessops Head Elf, along with the dream trip to Lapland, will be awarded on the 24th December, just in time for the big day.

Various prizes will be announced throughout December too, including cameras and other equipment, so keep an eye out and keep your Elfies coming!