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Sensor Cleaning Service
Our experts are on hand to ensure you get the most from your photography. Let our trained staff safely remove any dust or dirt from your sensor ensuring marks don’t get in the way of your images.
Sensor Cleaning Service
Sensor Cleaning Service
Sensor Cleaning Service

Even with some of the most advanced new technology out there, over time there’s a chance you may experience the unwanted effects of dust on your camera’s sensor.

If you’ve cleaned your lenses, but you’re still seeing dark ‘spots’ on your images, it’s time to get your sensor cleaned. These foggy blotches impair images, particularly when shooting against plain backdrops or white/grey skies.

You could try to clean your sensor yourself, but to keep your camera in tiptop condition and your images crystal clear, it’s best to trust the professionals. Speak to one of our experts about our professional sensor cleaning service.

Please note sensor cleaning is only available on interchangeable lens cameras

Sensor Cleaning Service

Keep your gear squeaky clean with one of our home cleaning kits; prices start from £4.99 for lens cloths.

Sensor cleaning starts from £30 for a two-day service.

Need your camera back quicker or want a full equipment clean then we have the following upgrades to choose from:

  • Full camera clean (incl. sensor, LCD, viewfinder, lens and filter) £10*
  • Same-day upgrade £10*
  • 1hr upgrade £20*

*Subject to availability. Prices quoted are in addition to the £30 base price. Ask in store for details